EB Assist Car Data Recorder (CDR) 

Simplicity and efficiency for test drive recording
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EB GUIDE 5.5 out now!

Support for dynamic speech, enhanced 3D capabilities and the integration layer for web-based applications on HTML5
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Infotainment in a Jeep Wrangler?

The rugged SUV known for its features in the outback can now help you navigate the urban jungle with EB street director. Read more


EB Assist Car Data Recorder - Simplified life for test drivers and engineers 

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Crowd-sourced maps: the future of in-car navigation?

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EB Tough VoIP

Ruggedized defense communication solution
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Smart Watch Development

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Android Based Industrial Computing Device Development

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EB Ruggedized Android Tablet 

EB Launches the EB Ruggedized Android Tablet
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EB Specialized Device Platform

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We are looking for resellers and partners for our Defense products

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EB develops a multiple antenna (MIMO) test environment for next generation satellite networks

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EB Defense Newsletter

April Issue Out Now!
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Yhtiökokous 2014

EB, Elektrobit Oyj:n varsinainen yhtiökokous pidettiin torstaina 10. huhtikuuta 2014 Oulussa.
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EB vuosikertomus 2013

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