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January 1, 2006
Email Attachment Filtering in Elektrobit Group
There has been found a vulnerability in Windows WMF files which can be used by internet www-pages.

Elektrobit will filter attachments containing any picture types in order to avoid damages to Elektrobit information system. All common executable file types are filtered. Sender of the email will be notified.

Filtered filetypes are:

ade, adp,
bas, bat,
chm, cmd, com, cpl, crt,
hlp, hta,
inf, ins, isp,
js, jse,
mdb, mde, msc, msi, msp, mst,
pcd, pif,
scr, sct, shs, shb,
vb, vbe, vbs,
wsc, wsf, wsh

More information available in www-pages mentioned on below:

How to deliver files as attachment to Elektrobit email recipient:
  • Pack the files into a .zip packet
  • Use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) to encrypt email and its attachments

You can download a software to pack your files at www.winzip.com.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

WinZip is a registered trademark of WinZip Computing Inc.