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EB Assist Capture and EB Assist Replay

Precision recording and replaying

Development and test teams need precisely recorded data from video, radar, ultrasound, infrared, and laser sensors, plus a convenient replay solution. EB Assist Capture and EB Assist Replay, two combinable high-end solutions, fill that need.


Captures large amounts of data

Driver assistance systems use more sensors than ever. EB Assist Capture, mounted in your test car, reliably captures data from a variety of sensors in a high-precision way.

Replays data for test and validation

Back in the lab, EB Assist Replay provides high synchronous replaying of the recorded data and simulates your systems for test and evaluation purposes.




Key features

  • High synchronous capture and replay of up to four HD video streams
  • Time-stamp resolution – 25 ns and accuracy < 1µs
  • Capture and replay of CAN and FlexRay vehicle bus data
  • Available with customized interfaces for video and other sensors
  • Available as a HiL application to ensure high-precision capture and replay of vehicle bus data and video data
  • Ready to use with EB Assist ADTF
  • Fully combinable high-end solutions: EB Assist Capture for data capturing and EB Assist Replay for data replaying


EB Assist Capture or EB Assist Replay – hardware combined with functional software – either capturing or replaying


EB Assist Capture and EB Assist Replay related products

EB Assist ADTF

Provides a proven and widely used development and test environment for delivering cutting-edge driver assistance solutions. EB Assist Capture and EB Assist Replay are ready to use with EB Assist ADTF.

EB Assist Car Data Recorder

A measurement technology providing a tablet interface you can use to gather test-drive data and assess its quality on the spot. EB Assist Capture can be combined with EB Assist Car Data Recorder for a complete measurement solution.

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