Trusted Innovation Partner to the Global Wireless Value Chain


In the Wireless Business Segment EB offers products and product platforms for defense and public safety markets as well as for industrial use. Further EB offers product development services and customized solutions for wireless communications markets and for companies needing wireless connectivity for their products.

The Company Serves:


  • Defense and public safety authorities and industries.
  • Telecommunication and professional radio manufacturers.
  • Consumer Device OEMs.
  • Semiconductor vendors.
  • Cellular and special operators.
  • Industrial device manufacturers.

EB's Products in the Wireless Business Segment are:


  • the EB Tactical Wireless IP Network for tactical communications, EB Tough VoIP for tactical IP-based communication, EB Wideband COMINT Sensor for signals intelligence.

The Product Platforms are:


  • Android-based EB Special Device Platform for specialized markets.

For the latest wireless technologies and applications EB offers a broad range of R&D services such as consulting, integration, software and hardware development.

Company Credentials Include:


  • Over 100 handsets shipping with EB's R&D contributions and hundreds of successful design projects.
  • Contributions to over 200 infrastructure R&D projects in NMT, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, EV-DO, HSPA, WLAN and Mobile WiMAX.