R&D Services


Gain access to the latest technology know-how and speed of execution in demanding development programs with EB R&D services. Turn cutting edge embedded technology into enriching user experiences.

Main Benefits:

  • World-class wireless expertise combined with the cost advantage of offshore capabilities.
  • Achieve time to market advantage for the most innovative solutions.
  • Accelerate your product development cycle.

Solutions Overview


EB offers comprehensive wireless R&D services covering all lifecycle stages of mobile device and network infrastructure development. We are specialized in embedded software and hardware solutions.

Superior technology skills, a unique development culture and the ability to lead challenging R&D projects have made EB the innovation partner and an ideal R&D service partner for:

  • Device OEMs and ODMs.
  • Telecommunication and professional radio manufacturers.
  • Semiconductor vendors.
  • Cellular and special operators.
  • Defense and public safety authorities and industries.


Tailored R&D service solutions with flexible technical support and business models based on customer needs:

  • Concept work.
  • Software development.
  • Hardware development.
  • Integration.
  • Testing & verification.
  • Transfer to production.
  • Support & maintenance.
  • Consultancy.
  • Customization.
Example EB Projects and Capabilities:

Network Infrastructure

  • Consulting a 4G network operator ensuring timely network launch (turnkey package including infra, devices and services).
  • Protocol converter entity for interface between GSM CS pool area and base stations.
  • Mobile WiMAX baseband design (both HW and SW).
  • Base station frequency variants for WiFi, LTE, WCDMA, Mobile WiMAX, TETRA and GSM.
  • Software defined radio demonstrator for defense and public safety use.
  • Design of multiple modules for various base station technologies.
  • Mobile WiMAX technology evaluation.
  • Base station operation and maintenance SW module development.
  • Element management system.
  • Full TETRA base station design.


  • Several Windows, Symbian and Android based UI application and device UI layer customization development projects.
  • Full device software development, integration and validation in several mobile handset and tablet projects.
  • Middleware, adaptation layer and device driver development on Windows, Linux, Android and Symbian/UIQ platforms, including several telephony adaptation layer implementations (RILs).
  • Board support packages and HW/SW reference designs for new chipset platforms.
  • HW design and verification of a OEM lead product handset and its variants.
  • Platform and device testing service.
  • Mobile WiMAX, GSM, WCDMA, WiFi, LTE, CDMA HW/RF handset development.
  • HW design and verification of an Android Tablet with OMAP 4 series processor.
  • Mechanical design and consulting in several mobile phone product development projects.
  • Antenna and HW design in the process industry projects.
  • PWB and Flex Layout design in the mobile handset and platform developer board projects.

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