EB Tactical Wireless IP Network for Tactical Communications


EB Tactical Wireless IP Network enables the formation of high date rate Link, Point to Multipoint and MANET network configurations.

The digitalizing battlefield and a wide variety of operations with modern command and control (C2) applications, sensors and real time situation awareness has set an increasing need for high data rate and mobile networks in tactical use. Best connectivity and throughput can be archived with IP compatible networks – like the EB Tactical Wireless IP Network.

The product enables systems integrators to enlarge their product portfolio and gives defense authorities access to a state of the art software defined radio based wireless IP broadband solution for tactical communications – to meet the need for growing datarates in the field. The Tactical Wireless IP Network can improve tactical data link and backbone network performances with more flexible network configurations.






Product Overview


With the EB Tactical Wireless IP Network battle groups can create high data rate wireless IP networks as backbone to support C2 data transmission during operation. Flexibility to use the EB solution in different frequency bands and network structures provide cost effectiveness, easy to use and efficiency compared to existing tactical data link networks.

The EB Tactical Wireless IP Network is a stand-alone military/authority wireless broadband network that can be deployed in any location. It enables the formation of an independent IP network and is compatible with existing infrastructure, both wire-line and wireless. Being based on software defined radio makes the product versatile, upgradeable and easy to adapt. It enables a mesh network solution with high data rate and automatic network configuration required by battle groups on the move. The product has an excellent performance and form factor as both network node and router functionality are integrated into a single product. This tactical communications product was developed to be compatible with the SCA and ESSOR software architectures.

System Benefits:

  • Supports Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET), point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network configurations.
  • Coverage 0-30 km depending on antenna configuration, antenna height, and frequency.
  • Point to point, point to multipoint and MESH network configurations with one waveform.
  • Flexible network structure with independent nodes, free network entry and exit for all nodes.
  • Adaptive data transfer capacity shared between connected nodes.
  • Prioritization between nodes can be set to provide capacity to most important nodes.
  • Fully IP compatible.
  • Radio units can be installed ro remote location from EB Tactical Router, up to 2 km.

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