Insider Guidelines


The Company adheres to the Insider Guidelines prepared by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd (previously, OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki Oy and Helsinki Stock Exchange), the Central Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Finnish Industries. The Company has complemented the Guidelines by its internal insider guidelines. The insider and trading guidelines approved by the Company include regulations on insiders, insider registers and the notification obligation relating thereto, prohibited use of inside information and personnel security trading. The purpose of the guideline is to explain the content of the guideline published by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy and other regulations and restrictions relating to the matter and to unify and coordinate the processing of insider and trading matters within EB. 

The Company's public insider register is available at Euroclear Finland which maintains the register. Current information is publicly available in the customer service unit of Euroclear Finland, address Urho Kekkosen katu 5 C.

Public insiders of the Company are members of the Board of Directors and the Auditors. In accordance with the Board of Director's decision, other public insiders are members of the Company's Corporate Management Board, members of Segment Boards and managing directors of the business segments.

The Company's Chief Legal Officer approves the persons included in the permanent company-specific insider register. The register is not public. Company-specific insiders are, for example, separately nominated persons in legal, financial, accounting and investor relations functions.

In accordance with the Company's Board of Director's decision, the Company has determined certain time periods during which permanent insiders are prohibited to trade the Company's securities. The purpose of the trade restrictions is to control trading of the permanent insiders' holdings of the Company's securities and thereby increase trust to the Company and the operation of the securities market. Trading with Company's securities is completely prohibited by the permanent insiders for a period of two weeks before the publication of earnings information of the Company. The most common publications are the release of interim reports and release of the Company's financial statements. The restriction is applicable also to any possible preliminary information regarding the financial statements and interim report.

The Company may also impose project-specific trading restrictions. Project-specific insiders are persons who participate in projects which, if realized, will likely influence the value of the Company's securities. The Chief Legal Officer or her substitute shall keep separate project-specific insider registers, as necessary.


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