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EB provides innovative radio and communication solutions and services for wireless and wire line Tactical Communications and Signals Intelligence for the Defense Industry. EB's defense product portfolio enables defense authorities to gain access to the next–generation military radio solutions.

With a strong knowledge and history in military radio technologies and software defined radio EB is now looking for resellers and partners for its defense products. If you feel that your company is suitable for the partnership we would like to hear from you. Please fill in the form below.

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EB Tough VoIPTM product family for tactical communications

A range of tactical IP-based communication products consisting of Voice over IP clients and network extension units.

EB Tough VoIP™ product family

A range of tactical IP-based communication products consisting of Voice over IP clients, EB Tough VoIP Field Phone & Desktop Phone and EB Tough VoIP Terminal, and network extension unit, EB Tough VoIP Network Extender.

Main benefits:

  • Provides broadband wireless and wired connectivity in demanding environments where limitations in communications can greatly affect operational capabilities.
  • Provides enhanced reliability for VoIP services regardless of availability of network services such as SIP or DHCP
  • Features full interoperability with commercial equipment and infrastructure

EB Tough VoIP product introduction

EB Tough VoIP™ Field Phone and Desktop Phone

The EB Tough VoIP phones are tactical Voice over IP (VoIP) clients for advanced military communications. They can easily be integrated into customer's existing or future tactical communication IP infrastructure. The phones are SIP compliant clients that provide interoperability with other SIP clients and server implementations available in the market.

The products have also been designed for tactical environments where network services may not be present. The EB Tough VoIP phones incorporate functionality that enables introduction of VoIP services in dynamic self-forming networks. EB Tough VoIP phones provide ease of use and reliability of voice services in all circumstances – with minimal bandwidth utilization.


  • No servers required – no single point of failure SIP server interoperability (e.g., Asterisk)
  • Provides standard SIP based VoIP peer2peer calls with prioritized group call modes
  • Automatic and real-time regrouping of clients and their phonebooks for each group of nodes
  • Calls channeled through the tactical data radio network as multicast-traffic with compressing vocoders utilized minimizing the need of data bandwidth for voice
  • Automatic and real-time update of phonebooks on clients showing user roles rather than phone numbers
    • Calls can be diverted outside the tactical environment if SIP service is available and configured to allow that
  • Dynamic phonebook contains all current roles in the network in real time
  • Settings and role definitions are not erased in power down, enabling plug-and-play operation and fast deployment
  • Role definition for each user, no need to remember numbers
  • Fully rugged and environmentally shielded
    • EMI MIL-STD 461F (RE 102, RS 103) Ground, Army and MIL-STD 1275D compliance
    • MIL grade connectors, cables, head-sets and hand-sets available
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) functionality with quick dials
  • Used either with head-set or H-350/U hand-set
  • Can be operated with protective gloves
  • Ethernet PoE interface


Use cases:

    • Tactical communications:
      • Voice services for IP capable data radios and links
      • Rapid deployment field communications
      • Infantry communications
      • Vehicular and weapon platforms
      • Airborne applications
      • Naval applications
    • Deployed installations:
      • Airbases
      • Command posts
      • Shelters
      • Service depots
      • Field hospitals

EB Tough VoIP Terminal™

EB Tough VoIP Terminal is a fully integrated wireline IP phone that can be either operated as part of EB Tough VoIP solution or as IP terminal together with third party equipment.

The EB Tough VoIP Terminal offers wide range of functions and can be configured to suit many critical applications requiring high service availability with extreme environmental protection.

Technical highlights:

  • Full Push-to-talk (PTT) functionality
  • No service requiring parts, such as battery inside the terminal
    • powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Connects to EB Tough VoIP or to PoE supporting Ethernet system
  • VoIP calls through SIP server or terminals; can operate independently without SIP server in tactical mode
  • Dynamic phonebook containing a list of existing and available network users
  • Auto-answer mode while using headset
  • Buzzer to alert the user of incoming call when not wearing a headset
  • Standard phone features including quick calls, number dials and phonebook
  • Terminal specific user's operational role definition
  • Automatic adjustment of the display and keypad brightness for optimal use in the prevailing conditions
    • Suitable for operating in total darkness
  • Clear OLED display with good readability

EB Tough VoIP Network Extender™

Through the EB Tough VoIP Network Extender´s SHDSL connectivity, an IP network can be extended over long distances using conventional field wire. The Network Extender unit supports Ethernet transport over single, dual or four SHDSL channels.

The EB Tough VoIP Network Extender is a self-healing and self-configuring unit, which automatically and transparently adapts to available network services. This solution is not dependent on the availability of network services, such as DHCP, enabling access to voice and data services regardless of the network service status. 

Technical highlights:

  • Both AC/DC power input and battery operation
    • Battery back-up operation up to 20 hours
  • Protective frame construction for high robustness
    • Available also without the framing for more integrated semi-fixed or vehicular installations and wall mountings
  • Can act as Layer 2 switch
  • On/Off switch, battery charging enabled in both modes

EB Gigabit PoE+ InjectorTM

The EB Gigabit PoE+ Injector is a rugged network-agnostic solution that provides high speed data and electrical high power connections for devices used in tactical military communication environments.

EB Gigabit PoE+ Injector gives military personnel the flexibility to combine data and power supply over a single Ethernet cable without a costly need to replace their existing communications infrastructure. The EB Gigabit PoE+ Injector is fully MIL compliant and is well suited for high vibration environments like vehicle installations. This unique solution can easily make communication devices PoE-ready.


  • Rugged network-agnostic solution
  • High power supply for PoE+ devices
  • High vibration environments, including tracked vehicles


EB Tough VoIP Field & Desktop Phones

  • Wall mount plate, bag, cables, batteries, chargers, AC/DC power supply

EB Tough VoIP Terminal

  • Cables, headset

EB Tough VoIP Network Extender

  • Cables, batteries

EB Gigabit PoE+ Injector

  • Cables

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