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Products and solutions for Network Infrastructure and Device OEM's

EB offers extensive knowhow in wireless device and basestation development with the latest technology knowhow in the wireless domain.

Telecom offering overview

EB offers OEM's the latest technology knowhow within the wireless domain with our R&D service portfolio. With extensive knowhow in wireless device and base station development, EB has the capabilities to develop solutions from subsystems all the way to a turnkey device or base station delivery. Our expertise covers technologies from basic GSM and 3G to latest LTE technologies.

EB has a 30 year experience in product and solution development for network infrastructure OEM's, we have the capability to ensure the success of your R&D efforts by providing needed services and testing solutions fitting your needs and business models.

  • Forerunner in technologies, always working with the newest technologies
  • Know-how from earlier to the latest technologies.
  • End-to-end know-how from "mobile device to infrastructure/network"

EB value add for customer

  • European Trusted Partner
  • Transparent Lean and Agile Way of Working (Quality, Reliability, Visibility)
  • Complete turnkey radio module projects
  • Capability to design and integrate whole base station or mobile terminal
    • E2E capability and view; both terminal and infra
  • Competitive pricing with very high performance and quality
  • Certified management system (Processes, Quality & Environment)
  • Base station competences (EB as market leader in outsourced Macro/Small Cell R&D services)
  • Excellent architecture and integration know-how on base station platform eco-system for base stations and chip vendors

Network infrastructure

  • Consulting a 4G network operator ensuring timely network launch (turnkey package including infra, devices and services).
  • Protocol converter entity for interface between GSM CS pool area and base stations.
  • Mobile WiMAX baseband development (both HW and SW).
  • Base station frequency variants for WiFi, LTE, WCDMA, Mobile WiMAX, TETRA and GSM.
  • Software defined radio demonstrator and product for defense and public safety use.
  • Design of multiple modules for various base station technologies.
  • Mobile WiMAX technology evaluation.
  • Base station operation and maintenance SW system architecture and module development.
  • Element management system.
  • Full TETRA base station development.


  • Several Windows, Symbian and Android based UI application and device UI layer customization development projects.
  • Full device software development, integration and validation in several mobile handset and tablet projects.
  • Middleware, adaptation layer and device driver development on Android, Windows and Linux platforms, including several telephony adaptation layer implementations (RILs).
  • Board support packages and HW/SW reference designs for new chipset platforms.
  • HW design and verification of a OEM lead product handset and its variants.
  • Platform and device testing service.
  • Mobile WiMAX, GSM, WCDMA, WiFi, LTE, CDMA HW/RF handset development.
  • HW design and verification of an Android Tablet with OMAP 4 series processor.
  • Mechanical design and consulting in several mobile phone product development projects.
  • Antenna and HW design in the process industry projects.
  • PWB and Flex Layout design in the mobile handset and platform developer board projects.