Elektrobit Automotive Software: AUTOSAR ECU

ECU development

Elektrobit is an AUTOSAR specialist. Our expertise spans both the Classic AUTOSAR and the Adaptive AUTOSAR standard, as well as an all-in-one software platform for HPC. Embedded security and communication networks such as Ethernet conclude our portfolio.

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Elektrobit Automotive Software: EB cadian

Connected & secure vehicle

Elektrobit automotive software provides a set of reliable, flexible and scalable services and software components to securely connect vehicles and enable services like software updates over the air.

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Elektrobit Automotive Software: Automated Driving

Automated driving

Our portfolio covers major areas of ADAS and automated driving predevelopment, from creating driving scenes, replaying, and simulation to testing, visualization, and validation to ADAS function development.

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Elektrobit Automotive Software: User experience

User experience

With EB GUIDE, Elektrobit automotive software offers a unique set of products to build your holistic user interface. EB GUIDE can be expanded by a complete range of services and integrated solutions customized to meet your particular goals and requirements.

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