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EB’s remote diagnostics solution

On- and off-board diagnostics know-how

Over two decades of experience in the automotive industry puts EB in a position to not only analyze gathered data, but also help our customers manage their fleet over the entire lifecycle of their vehicles. That lifecycle starts with the design process and the evaluation of supplies, continues through the production process, and includes vehicles on the road.

Diagnostics have a promising future. Soon, they will enable carmakers to predict vehicle breakdowns, optimize the management of service stations and visits, and make for faster and more convenient service for customers.


Increase your supply chain efficiency

EB offers customized IT systems for documenting and querying defect data in the vehicle lifecycle process. This enables you to manage and optimize your supply chain.

Start optimizing your next vehicle generation today

The data you collect from cars in the field today lets you optimize for tomorrow’s vehicles. Information like vehicle surroundings or consumers driving behavior can be an important factor to consider as you design the next generation of cars.

Offer new services

EB provides the technical ability to gain valuable insights into the actual behavior of vehicles, buyers, and drivers, rather than trying to evaluate preferences through surveys alone.

Prepare, conduct, and manage remote fleet surveys

EB’s solution enables customers to collect and aggregate diagnostics data and then communicate it to state-of-the-art analytics engines using standard data formats.



Key Features

  • All components (dashboard, backend, and client-software) are configurable and customizable.
  • Configuration and execution of surveys. Surveys are scripts that collect specific vehicle data from configured vehicle fleets.
  • Use ODX-Data (ISO 22901) for execution of diagnostic requests.
  • Use UDS-protocol services (ISO 14229) for diagnostic requests.


  • Send collected vehicle data to the backend and store it.
  • Communication between clients and vehicle are secured and authenticated with LTA (IETF Draft – Lightweight Token authentication)
  • Export stored vehicle data to standardized file formats or to analytics cloud-services via REST-APIs.



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