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Connected Navigation and Online Services

Carmakers around the world choose EB’s connected solutions for an all-around turnkey package, the latest in connected car services, and the possibility to integrate a single content provider or a carmaker-owned service.


The turnkey nature of EB’s connected solutions allows you to integrate valuable third-party content and leverage it to create unique solutions. For example, you might use satellite image data or restaurant ratings to create features your customers want. EB’s connected solutions make integration easier and shorten development time.

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Together with our specialized partners, EB Automotive delivers:

  • Connected navigation: A dynamic POI interface, OTA map updates, satellite imagery, and online weather, parking, and traffic information.
  • Location-based services: With content aggregation and administration.
  • Customer relationship management: Including customer care and support, marketing and advertising, billing and invoicing.
  • Predictive navigation: Intelligent learning of often driven routes and preferred destinations.

Integration with other EB street director features

Connected Navigation and Online Services is an EB street director feature. It integrates with other EB street director features, including:

Electronic Horizon

EB offers an electronic horizon that provides map data for advanced driver assistance systems.

Map Display and 3D

A realistic map display and 3D map rendering technology help drivers to easily orientate themselves.

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