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GENIVI services

To stay competitive, carmakers strive to make software more reusable, reduce costs, shorten time to market, and improve quality. GENIVI’s goal is to define an open standardized platform for infotainment systems that meets these requirements.

GENIVI is a nonprofit industry alliance dedicated to driving adoption of an open-source infotainment development platform.

Separating hardware and software, as GENIVI does, can lead to increased freedom in system design and can enable software reuse. With GENIVI, architectural as well as integration aspects become more important for successful system development. Both platform and application framework have to be considered as integral parts of every GENIVI infotainment system.



Based on Linux and the available open-source software components, GENIVI provides a selection of non-differentiating software modules suitable for the foundation of an infotainment system.
Where there are no suitable open-source implementations for an area, GENIVI will implement software modules. For example, there are some automotive use cases, such as audio management, that have more demanding requirements that cannot be met by existing desktop components. Note that GENIVI itself will only provide specifications and some level of implementation, GENIVI will not provide a project-ready code base for these modules.
Also, in order to apply GENIVI to a mass production project, carmakers will need to use a commercial Linux distribution that complies with the desired version of the GENIVI spec.

Application framework

GENIVI expert groups are working on the definition of application interfaces which should enable and simplify the integration of applications from different independent software vendors. The goal is to establish an ecosystem of applications for automotive use. This should grow the market for application vendors as applications can be reused for different carmakers and infotainment systems. At the same time, it will allow carmakers to be able to select best-in-class applications from a competitive market.

Software prime contractor for GENIVI systems

GENIVI’s goal is a reusable platform and standardized interfaces. The goal is appropriate: a single, flexible software platform for all aspects of the infotainment system, that enables reuse, increases efficiency, and reduces costs. We embrace this approach, which is why we focus on assuming a software prime contractor role for carmakers.

In its role as the software prime contractor, EB Automotive supports carmakers trying to understand the technological and commercial freedom offered by GENIVI as technology of choice. EB helps in the planning phase to establish the right preconditions for successful system development. We help to point out potential cost savings and to avoid pitfalls through early planning.

EB helps manage the complexity of implementing GENIVI-based solutions. Technically, the job requires more than just choosing a GENIVI-compliant and well-maintained Linux distribution. In order to create an infotainment system, modules have to be added to the base platform in order to complete desired functionality. Typical applications include Bluetooth and connectivity stacks, a navigation engine, speech recognition, as well as a text-to-speech engine, and so on.

And, though the GENIVI consortium is working on application interfaces, each carmaker has different workflows which require reusable, commercial software modules to be combined and integrated in a specific way. Even GENIVI-compliant applications have to be integrated both with additions to the standard GENIVI platform and with carmaker-specific components such as human machine interfaces (HMIs).
Supported by our partner network, we help carmakers to make the best use of open source for their specific project situation.

While GENIVI can be a valuable platform, it increases the need for a software integration role in an infotainment project.


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