Lean & agile development consulting

State-of-the-art software development for the automotive industry

Today’s fast-paced development environment requires maximum flexibility, which is practically impossible to achieve when manufacturers and suppliers use traditional collaboration methods. A far higher level of design flexibility is needed, and that requires new project organization structures and flexible contract models.

That’s why EB came up with the Lean Development Model for automotive software projects. It combines state-of-the-art software development methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, with industry standards, such as Automotive SPICE.

Based on this model we support our customers gain the benefits of lean development.


Accelerate your innovation cycles

by creating potentially shippable releases at each iteration of development. This approach minimizes time-to-market while ensuring the development of the most important features first. And the ongoing customer input helps establish project scope and ensures customers are better prepared to define and prioritize features, reducing the need for extensive requirements gathering or change request negotiations.

Enhance your flexibility

through agile development methods which allow the team to make changes in direction quickly, incorporate the latest technical innovations, and respond to market changes, even late in the project.

Increase your cost control

through continuous customer collaboration and frequent deliveries of working software.

Improve the project transparency

through iterative and frequent software releases that give customers a better insight into the status of the project. Jointly prioritized feature backlogs help the customer to better understand the trade-offs. And, the transparent environment co-creates an atmosphere that promotes innovation.


Key Features

  • Driving a transition to agile methods by introducing and coaching agile frameworks
  • Supporting the introduction of agile contracts and agile collaboration models
  • Supporting the introduction of software development tool chains and processes for agile development
  • Providing project management support for complex software projects


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Integration with other EB products and services

Lean Software Development for the automotive sector

The Lean Software Development Model combines various lean and agile development methods to create a shorter development cycle with fewer errors and the flexibility to adapt to new requirements and demands.

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