Sunday, May 20, 2018

Announcing an exciting combination of new 3D and 2D features and next-generation enhancements!

Martin Riedl

We are pleased to announce that the next version of our multimodal tool, EB GUIDE, is now available!

As always, we have a number of really cool features and updates. With this release, we’ve focused on adding greater capabilities to our 2D and 3D features!

Our 3D renderer sports two additional physically-based material models. The new materials are as user friendly as the phenomenological Phong model and can be used to set and alter a material’s roughness and metallic appearance.

On the 2D side, we have a brand new Alpha mask widget that enables the manipulation of transparencies.

Also on the list, is the new Animation editor, a zoom mode for the View editor, a new, combined SDK structure and further updates to the EB GUIDE Monitor!

2D and 3D renderer features and Alpha mask widget

Our 2D and 3D renderers are now bursting with new features! We’ve added physical-based material models as well as gamma correct and high dynamic range rendering to the 3D scene graph. In the 2D department, we’ve added a new Alpha mask widget that enables the manipulation of its children’s transparency using an image. Beyond that, our text renderer has seen an update as well and we are thrilled to announce that it is now possible to enable a text outline effect for the Label widget. Read more about these features here.

Animation editor

Create and visualize your animations using our brand new Animation editor! Available in the content area, you can execute multiple functions: preview curves, change the duration of curves using preview handles, animate properties and add curves in one dialog, and enable a single widget to contain multiple animations of the same property. Find out what’s new!

Updates to the EB GUIDE Monitor

We’ve also made a number of updates to the EB GUIDE Monitor. The Monitor now shows the currently selected language and skin, boasts of an improved interaction with state machines, has the ability to run script from the command line and has a new State machine component. Read more about EB GUIDE Monitor and writing scripts here.


Start modeling now!

As always, the following resources have been updated and are now available:

Download the Community edition of EB GUIDE.

Read through our updated Release Notes.

Download updated user documentation.

Access updated tutorials here.

Download updated feature demo and SDK examples such as custom widgets, GTF extensions and model interactions.

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