Monday, June 12, 2017

Announcing EB GUIDE 6.4 Speech Extension

Dr. Dominique Massonié

We are delighted to announce that EB GUIDE 6.4 Speech Extension is now available!

What’s new and improved in this version?

  • New search feature for speech model elements
  • Ability to preload large data for speech recognition (for example, address book contact information)
  • Enhanced copy and paste functionality
  • Templates to reuse commands, slots, and prompts
  • Speech recognition timeout configuration


New search feature

Like its Studio counterpart, EB GUIDE 6.4 Speech Extension now comes with search functionality. The new search box, located in the Command area, offers the possibility to search for all model elements such as Spidgets, Templates, and Talk States. Users can now find all occurrences of a Spidget, Parent Talk and scripts that use the Spidget. It also generates a preview of all elements found.

Search functionality

Large data preloading for speech recognition

Loading large sets of dynamic data for speech recognition (for example, to select address book entries by speech) requires time and memory and can often slow down the system. With EB GUIDE 6.4 Speech Extension, you can use the ‘Load/Unload’ feature for large data sets. This means you can preload dynamic data so it is ready when recognition begins. You can control memory consumption and can ‘unload’ data when you want to use the memory for another function.

Preload feature with ‘Load/Unload’ options

Enhanced copy/paste functionality

EB GUIDE 6.3 Speech Extension came with the copy/paste functionality that allowed users to copy and paste Datapool items, Talk States and Spidget templates. With this version, you can quickly duplicate functionality by copying and pasting elements such as Spidget Trees in Talks, Templates and States.  What this means is a decrease in development cycle times as you can now create your HMIs much more quickly.

Templates to reuse commands, slots, and prompts

Templates provide the possibility to re-use a configuration that has been used previously, thus simplifying modeling. EB GUIDE 6.3 Speech extension supported the creation of Talk, Command Container and Prompt Container templates. With this version, modelers now have a Slot Container template that can be used for both Prompt and Datapool slots, as well as new templates for Command and SSML prompt.

New templates

Speech recognition timeout configuration

With EB GUIDE 6.4 Speech Extension it is now possible to configure different timeouts for the speech recognition engine, for example, configuring speech input duration. This enables you to adapt the behavior of the model during run time or simulation. For example, you can extend the duration of the user input for longer sentences in a model using long sentences, or reduce the duration for simple ‘yes-no’ responses or even set a longer response duration when the end customer is dialing or dictating a phone number.

Timeout configuration

Android support

Finally, Android versions 6 and 7 are now supported. New installers, EB GUIDE Model Chooser SE and EB GUIDE Launcher SE, are available for quicker and easier deployment of models on Android target devices.

Get started now

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