Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Discover the quick and clean modeling experience

Martin Riedl

EB is pleased to announce the new version of EB GUIDE—the next level of modeling HMIs.

We are thrilled to introduce to you new features that will bring your models to a new level and “wow” you.

Model and empower your HMI with the newest features for animations, coding sophisticated scripts, and rendering images.

We have added a new component that gives you the freedom to model the animations that you need for your story line—the new view transition animation component.

To provide you the best possibilities in creating authentic objects with a real-world look and feel, we created the image-based lighting widget!

Further updates and new features, like taking screenshots from the runtime model, the possibility to load precompiled shaders to reduce startup times, and many more, are available to be discovered!

View transition animation—Model your story line

Check out the new view transition animation (VTA) expert mode and bring your animations to the next level.

The easy-to-use handling supports you to model faster without former restrictions to view templates, and without losing the overview thanks to the VTA graphical user interface component.

This new feature is going to ease modeling your animations—which will increase the flexibility of modeling and breathe life into your defined story line. Find out what is new!

New EB GUIDE GTF script functions

With our new set of script functions, you will be able to empower scripts, especially when it comes to fonts, labels, and math functions. We added a bunch of new useful math functions. For example, you can now compute the minimum and maximum of two integer or floating-point values.

Furthermore, you can read the model configuration, and use values, e.g. screen size, directly in your model.

To ease your daily work with the focus management, we provide you a convenient script function that sets the focus on the chosen element.
Get an overview of all new script functions here!

Image-based lighting (IBL) widget

With the new IBL widget, you will be able to generate even more stunning scenes to use in your HMI as it is now possible to illuminate virtual 3D objects.

The visual fidelity and reflectance properties of your objects will be improved thanks to the new grayscale textures. Using these textures, the roughness, shininess, and metallic properties can be controlled for better real-world scenarios.

Explore this cool new renderer feature in our step-by-step guide here.

Start modeling now!

As always, the following resources have been updated and are now available:

Download the Community edition of EB GUIDE.

Read through our updated Release Notes.

Download updated user documentation.

Access updated tutorials here.

Download updated feature demo and SDK examples such as custom widgets, GTF extensions, and model interactions.

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