Monday, July 17, 2017

EB GUIDE 6.4.1 release

Martin Riedl

The EB GUIDE team is pleased to announce the first maintenance release for EB GUIDE 6.4.

If you’ve been having issues with calculating text height or animating a color value, then this release will fix that.

So, what have we fixed?


Calculation of getTextHeight

Negative font size values in some cases have led to the wrong calculation of text height. Now when you set font size to a negative value, it is treated as 0.

Animated view transitions

Memory layout problems connected to an EB GUIDE Studio model no longer occur. These problems emerged in instances with EB GUIDE Studio models that contained a dynamic state machine and two or more views with an animated view transition, but with no corresponding entry and/or exit animation.

EB GUIDE GTF with animation

We’ve also fixed the animation issue connected with EB GUIDE GTF. When an animation was played and reversed and this animation was then disabled in the project, in some cases EB GUIDE GTF inadvertently stopped working when the simulation was started anew.

Behavior of object lists in templates

When a template containing an object list is used in an instantiated template and the model is reloaded, the list in the template instance now contains the correct number of objects.

Coloration effect for animations

The linear interpolation curve now works correctly when you animate a color value.

Start modeling now!

As always, the following resources have been updated and are now available:

Download the Community edition of EB GUIDE 6.4.1.

Read through our updated Release Notes.

Download updated user documentation.

Access updated tutorials here.

Download updated feature demo and widget template library.