Tuesday, August 8, 2017

EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.4.1 release

Dr. Dominique Massonié

The EB GUIDE team is pleased to announce the first maintenance release for EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.4.

We’ve taken the opportunity to fix or update certain features so you leverage the benefit of smoother, improved functionalities within the tool.

So what’s changed now?

Change in Project structure
With EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.4.1, the .gdata files of talks are now stored in the folder $GUIDE_PROJECT_PATH\talks. Projects that were created with an older version of EB GUIDE Speech Extension are automatically adapted to the new structure during migration.

Issue with freezing speech elements
With this version, EB GUIDE Studio does not freeze anymore when you use the left and right mouse buttons to click on speech elements.

Errors in search box
We’ve resolved the errors that the search box kept throwing up. You can now install EB GUIDE Speech Extension and create a project without speech support and use the search box within this project without receiving an error message.
When searching for a spidget property and double clicking an element in the search result list, you now jump to the respective object.

Paste option for copied prompt slots enabled
When copying a prompt slot after having copied a datapool slot, the paste option is now enabled.

Instantiating a talk template
When adding an instance of a talk template that comprises a container spidget with other spidgets inside a speech state machine, EB GUIDE Studio continues to work.

Properties in command editor
The command properties are now shown in the command editor in any situation.

Start modeling now!

Current customers of EB GUIDE Speech Extension will receive this version of the software through our Sales channel.

If you are interested in EB GUIDE 6.4.1 Speech Extension and would like to see a demo of the product, then use this form to contact us.

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Our EB GUIDE 6 training workshops now offer a beginner’s session on adding speech components to an HMI model. Register now!

As always, get in touch with us if you have questions or feedback.