Tuesday, February 13, 2018

EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.5.1 release

Dr. Dominique Massonié

The EB GUIDE team is pleased to announce the first maintenance release for EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.5.

This release addresses issues that have been discovered since the release of EB GUIDE 6.5.

Here are some of the most important issues that we‘ve fixed:

Unexpected behavior when a new project is created

When you created a new EB GUIDE Speech Extension project while an existing one was open, the newly created project malfunctioned. This has now been fixed.

Commands in dynamic state machine

Commands in dynamic state machines have now been fixed.

Improved detection of magic commands

The detection of EB GUIDE Speech Extension magic commands has now been improved – the reaction of the wake-up word is now more robust.

We’ve also cleaned up a number of smaller irritants. Check the release notes for the complete list.

EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.5, released last month, comes with a lovely set of new features and a redesigned, flexible user interface. Features include the Corpus command, Magic command and more. For more information, check out our feature roundup here.

We showcased EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.5 at CES 2018. Check our systems integrator announcement and round up here.

Start modeling now!

Current customers of EB GUIDE Speech Extension will receive this version of the software through our Sales channel.

If you are interested in EB GUIDE Speech Extension 6.5.1 and would like to see a demo of the product, then use this form to contact us.

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