Monday, August 3, 2015

Elektrobit releases EB GUIDE 6!

Matthias Hampel

We’re delighted to announce the release of EB GUIDE 6, the latest version of the Elektrobit (EB) Human Machine Interface (HMI) development product.
EB GUIDE is a well-established UX design product, used in millions of vehicles for HMIs such as infotainment clusters and navigation systems. Like all EB products, EB GUIDE meets industry standards, is highly reliable, and integrates with other EB products, as well as with commonly used industry tools and software.

How is EB GUIDE different from other HMI design tools?

Build by modeling rather than writing code. Design your HMI using our WYSIWG editor to create a state machine. Modeling the HMI offers significant advantages over coding, including:

  • Saving time and money as you prototype and revise your design.
  • Letting you see how the UX will look and work on the target device.
  • Enabling you to easily share early designs with others and letting them actually try the UX out.

Use one tool to design every interaction mode. Whether your interface uses graphics, speech, touch, or haptics, you can use EB GUIDE to develop it.

  • One tool lets you model and build multimodal UIs.
  • It includes the latest technology in graphics, such as vector-based and 3D graphics, with effects and animations.
  • It also includes the latest in speech technology, such as natural language understanding.
  • The tool includes the latest in touch technology, such as multi-touch and gesture support.
  • It allows you to design a holistic experience across interaction modes, creating a better UX for your users.

Experience the UX as your users will. The closer you can get to the end-user experience, the better your UI.

  • During design, see the UX as the user will see it.
  • Export the model, at any time, to run the simulation and to test your UX on a target device.
  • Make changes in the model and re-export to test again—no changing code, no waiting for compiles.


EB GUIDE 5 users

If you’re currently using EB GUIDE 5, you’ll see a number of improvements in this version. EB GUIDE 6 includes:

  • A new, easier-to-use interface.
  • New branching and merging capabilities.
  • Easy migration of EB GUIDE 5.5 models into EB GUIDE 6.


EB GUIDE components

EB GUIDE consists of:

  • EB GUIDE Studio for designing the HMI. It works on your PC and lets you create controls, build workflows, and model the interactions.
  • Target Frameworks for simulating and testing the HMI on your PC, as well as on your target. Graphics, speech, and touch frameworks let you run and test every type of interaction.

And it’s free to try!

With this version of EB GUIDE, we’re offering a free Community edition. The Community edition includes EB GUIDE Studio and the ability to simulate your UI on Android devices.

Try model-based development and see what it’s like to work inside the editor. The Community edition is easy to install and learn.

Try the Community edition today

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