Friday, November 6, 2020

Join us at the Scale up 360 Car HMI USA!

An Viet My Phan

Join our software experts in discussing how to develop best-in-class automotive HMIs at Scale up 360 Car HMI USA from November 16th to November 19th

HMI development experts at Elektrobit and Unity, Torsten Wauer and Marcus Winter, will be presenting about “From vision to reality – Designing the car cockpit of the future” on Monday, November 16th at 11.30 am (EST)

Vehicle cockpits are changing rapidly, but automakers face limitations in creating stunning human-machine interfaces (HMIs), from instrument clusters and in-vehicle infotainment to head-up displays. We will share how newly coupled tools and efficient workflows enable teams to innovate and market faster with more impressive features. They will also showcase a complete automotive cockpit user interface that brings together EB GUIDE, EB’s unique and comprehensive HMI development toolchain, and Unity’s real-time 3D technology.

In addition to that, Elektrobit’s Senior Speech Expert, Volker Springer, will be sharing a solution study about “Who needs voice” on Wednesday, November 18 at 9.30 am (EST)

Currently, voice assistants in the vehicle are mainly used for simple commands, such as finding a destination or making a call. Conveying information via speech is fast and safe, when drivers need to keep two hands on the wheel. For voice to evolve, what needs to happen to make the shift to really becoming an assistant to the driver?

As OEMs look for solutions, they will need to examine which use cases are best and what roles industry stakeholders play. In addition, other factors such as embedded functionality, cloud connectivity, and multiple voice assistants which work together seamlessly must be considered.

Register for the event and meet us at our virtual booth to chat and interact with our latest demo showcasing a sleek, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated user interface.