Monday, October 30, 2017

Webinar update: “In the race to autonomous driving, are we forgetting the user?”

Dr. Dominique Massonié

On October 11, I presented on a topic that is close to my heart. Technology, the car and the user. We all know and have experienced the impact that consumer electronics has had on almost every part of our lives and this includes or has extended to the car as well. No longer is the car simply a car – it is the next device that customers can use to stream services, access and respond to office email, reschedule appointments, reserve restaurants. The car has now become a vehicle of productivity and play and is now one element that is connected to a smart home – in short, the car is now a cocoon of technology all catering to the user‘s experience.

I covered this in depth in my webinar. I first talked about the changes the automotive industry is experiencing, then moved to how in-car interfaces can be designed to deliver experiences that are specific to the user by leveraging machine learning and the roles that usage-, user- and context-specific information will play.