Friday, May 18, 2018

What’s new – exploring additions to EB GUIDE Speech Extension

Dr. Christian Hacker

Dr. Christian Hacker is a speech project manager within the EB GUIDE Speech Extension team.

The EB GUIDE team is constantly exploring new ways to improve the tool and add new features to it. This means we work on a number of innovative prototype features, which are often integrated into EB GUIDE and its target frameworks. Two such innovative prototype features were presented at the 29th Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing – ESSV 2018.

The first feature focused on the integration of the Kaldi speech recognizer into EB GUIDE together with a simple semantic processing. Kaldi is an open source speech recognizer that is widely-used by research institutes but also within commercial products. The integration enables linguists and other researchers to use their own Kaldi models for user studies or experiments on voice enabled interfaces. Read the paper here.

The second feature focused on extending the EB GUIDE modality to include gesture. A gesture extension was included to EB GUIDE’s gesture state machine in order to integrate 3D gestures using a Leap Motion controller. This enables modelers to integrate gesture with voice recognition. Read the paper here.


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