EB GUIDE examples

See what you can achieve with EB GUIDE by downloading the examples and our feature demo. If you need reusable widgets for your HMI, we have prepared a widget library for you to use for your project.

With EB GUIDE you can use extensions and applications to customize the visual appearance and behavior of your EB GUIDE Studio installation, your EB GUIDE model or to enhance EB GUIDE Monitor with additional functionalities. A collection of ready-to-use source code examples shows you how to create your own EB GUIDE Studio and EB GUIDE Monitor extensions, as well as EB GUIDE GTF extensions and applications. Version 6.9.0 required.

These NuGet packages are the shortcut to EB GUIDE Studio and EB GUIDE Monitor extension. Add the NuGet packages to your Visual Studio project and you have all the dependencies that you need to create your custom extensions for EB GUIDE Studio and EB GUIDE Monitor, for new model elements, new properties, or any other new feature that you want to have.

This demo showcases the different EB GUIDE 6 features that can be used to create infotainment systems or cluster instruments. See the different buttons and sliders you can use in your project. View the EB 3D car in motion. Use the Settings tab to change language. Now updated with pop-ups and demo mode. Version 6.9.0 required.


(Last updated on Apr 4, 2020)

The widget template library offers templates for the most common widgets (buttons, lists and sliders) that are used in an EB GUIDE project. With the library, design is easier, iterations are quicker, and customization gives you the edge that makes your product stand out.
Download the widget template library project, unzip the files and open EB GUIDE Studio (version 6.9.0 required). You can find all the templates in the navigation area. Click through the templates to see the properties of each template.

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(Last updated on Jan 23, 2020)