Industrial automation

There is a growing need for reliable, customizable, and easy-to-use standard touchscreen input devices for industrial automation. Offering intuitive navigation through menus, multi-language support, and an appealing user interface, touchscreens can provide many benefits to industrial machinery. EB GUIDE allows for an easy and cost-effective development of intuitive HMIs, making it easy and affordable to create standard touchscreen experiences for industrial automation.

Read about the successful implementation of EB GUIDE in the Hilti PS 1000:

HMI for Hilti PS 1000, an efficient concrete scanner

Hilti was in search of a reliable, customizable, and easy-to-use development platform for its new product, the Hilti PS 1000, an efficient concrete scanner that can locate embedded objects in multiple layers. Having already achieved success working together on a previous project, Hilti chose to work with EB again to develop the HMI for the PS 1000. Hilti knew it could rely on EB’s experience in HMI development and embedded software development to create this sophisticated product.

Hilti HMI
Hilti HMI

The solution
EB provided the PS1000 HMI development platform built around EB GUIDE Studio: target framework, code generators, build system, Windows CE5 Platform. It includes operating system, driver development, middleware, and HMI framework. Especially the code generators and HMI framework made it possible to manage the complex asynchronous communication between HMI, application and scanner hardware.
Hilti could then easily take over the HMI development, finalize it quickly with EB GUIDE and tailor the interface to their own needs.

The benefit
The Hilti PS 1000 features a state-of-the-art HMI that provides a real-time view of the inside of concrete structures and generates accurate images automatically for direct on-site evaluation. It offers great usability and features unmatched data visualization, evaluation, and documentation.
By using EB GUIDE, Hilti was able to develop an intuitive HMI easily and affordably.

Made with EB GUIDE – Georg Fischer Hycleen Automation System

Georg Fischer Piping Systems, a leading supplier of plastic and metal piping systems and components, wanted to offer its customers a sophisticated, automated drinking water installation – one where the “master” system should be a touch-enabled user interface with clear graphical assets and must display crucial data in real time.


The solution
GUI Design GmbH, a long-term partner of Elektrobit and selected by Georg Fischer, decided to use EB GUIDE as it offers one unique tool to specify, model, prototype and simulate HMIs. Thanks to its model-based development approach, EB GUIDE enabled Georg Fischer to save time and money during the iterative HMI development process.

The benefit
EB GUIDE is a unique tool allowing to perform acceptance and validation of the UI very early in the development process without the need of any hardware. With the model-based approach and embedded state machine feature, the toolchain enables earlier detection of errors during development and reducing needs of programming skills for the timely creation of state-of-the-art user interfaces.

Its easy-to-use and model-based development approach means that I have had more time to think about the functionality of our product. The simulation of the HMI and the possibility to change the models easily have been very helpful during the development process.

Philippe Cachot, Head of R&D at Georg Fischer JRG AG, Sissach – Switzerland