Off-highway vehicles

Manufacturers of off-highway vehicles — operated with highly complex numerous switches and knobs — can use EB GUIDE to build UIs that simplify interactions with connected sensors and systems through high-quality graphical displays with functional and intuitive UIs that meet power and heat efficiency requirements of the industry.

Read about the successful human machine interface (HMI) implementation of EB GUIDE for PistenBully:

Touchscreen HMI for PistenBully

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG produces and sells snow grooming vehicles and beach cleaning equipment under the brand names PistenBully or BeachTech. The growing number of complex features of the snow groomer lead to an enormous number of switches and knobs to operate the device. PistenBully therefore decided to switch to a touchscreen solution as HMI. The new user interface concept should improve usability, increase flexibility, and reduce production costs.


The solution
With RAFI as hardware manufacturer and Elektrobit (EB) as software supplier, PistenBully found the perfect development team to set up the new HMI solution. While RAFI prepared the touchscreen hardware, EB provided the development environment and HMI architecture. PistenBully could then smoothly take over the HMI development, finalize it in short time with EB GUIDE as HMI tool, and tailor it to their customers’ needs. The ready solution can be first found in the PistenBully 600 F, other vehicles will follow soon.

The benefit
PistenBully now offers a state-of-the art HMI with great usability and high flexibility to its strong and loyal customer base. By using EB GUIDE and taking over development work by themselves, PistenBully found a fast and cost-efficient way to achieve this benefit.

Full graphic cluster meter for Kubota’s next-generation harvesting machines

Kubota Corp., who operates globally in mainly agricultural machinery, needed to examine an HMI concept and build a new HMI development process to make it easier to use a variety of functions specific to agricultural machinery when installing the state-of-the-art full graphic cluster meter on their next-generation harvesting machines.

The solution
Elektrobit provides solutions using EB GUIDE to successfully develop Kubota’s first full graphic cluster on its first harvesting machines of this kind and design a HMI to improve the usability of agricultural machinery users.

The benefit
With EB GUIDE, developers at Kubota can quickly and easily design complex 2D HMIs at the same time, design customized user interfaces for different harvest machines to the global market, made from a single source. EB GUIDE provides one unique tool that is used from specification, modeling, and simulation to the real target platform. With its model-based development approach, our customers save time and money during the iterative HMI development process. EB’s Japanese subsidiary provides strong support from concept design to series production.

We could successfully develop the latest HMI at reasonable costs using EB GUIDE. EB team supported us from the early stage of development process and we could complete the product in a short period of time. We could realize UI just as we expected and it is with high design quality. The achieved product is a pioneer in our portfolio today. It is highly appreciated by our users and one of our big sales points.

Kazuya Takasaki, Engineering Department Kubota Corporation

EB GUIDE is a very user-friendly HMI development tool. It was possible to model with simple or complex operation and with easy-to-understand display resulting in high-performance products in a short development period. In addition, since EB GUIDE enables different models and languages to be managed as a single model, it was most suitable to develop harvesting machines that would expand internationally in different models.

Shotaro Yamamoto, Engineering Department Kubota Corporation