See EB GUIDE in action

Efficient design and prototyping

EB GUIDE separates the model from the code so you can get the design right before investing time coding. Model your UX workflow using a state chart instead of prototyping with code. Move back and forth in the workflow as needed. Test your UI concepts inside the HMI simulation to see if they work—then adjust the design without having to write code or recompile. Less errors, faster iterations, a better UX.

Debugging the model

EB GUIDE’s HMI tool lets you debug the model. Trace the behavior of your HMI in the simulation. Test corner cases by injecting new values while simulating the HMI. Visually debug the model as it works on the target device. Check internal states and profile the model. Debugging has never been easier.

Easier deployment

EB GUIDE enables you to deploy your HMI rapidly to your test devices, as a single binary. And you can deploy the same HMI to different devices without having to modify your code or model. The small footprint of EB GUIDE’s binary ensures your HMI can run even on devices with limited CPU, GPU, or memory.

Modern platform

EB GUIDE gives you the fast, modern experience you deserve as a developer. One tool to design multimodal user experiences. One tool that allows multiple developers to work on the same HMI project simultaneously. And one tool that enables integration of many other technologies into your HMI, like HTML5 content.

Oh, and it´s fully extensible through a plug-in API. Use our many plug-ins and extensions to meet your specific project needs or create your own, including writing custom functions.

EB GUIDE Easy Deployment

Fast, fast, and faster

We aim for light speed. Ok. Maybe it’s not THAT fast. But you’ll find EB GUIDE’s HMIs load fast, respond to user input quickly, and the EB GUIDE tool itself is speedy. To shine, your HMI has to be quick, so we eliminate the lag in every mode and for every device.