EB GUIDE Studio helps users to graphically define menu screens and logic control using hierarchical state charts. Users can develop compelling HMIs with a variety of graphic effects and animations including both 2D and 3D graphics. Multitouch support enables smartphone-like usability. The tool also has a built-in support for model variants, international languages, and customizable skins.


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with EB GUIDE Studio

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Fast creation of multimodal user interfaces

Simultaneously design the graphical user interface (GUI) and voice user interface (VUI) as well as touch and gesture procedures.

Reuse HMI across different models and brands

Use the same platform to create complete HMI solutions for different car makers, models, and brands—each with its own look and feel.

Team collaboration on one model

Your whole team, even if it is large and globally distributed, can work on the same HMI model. This shortens development time and ensures that everyone’s expertise is accounted for.

Efficient design and prototyping

By separating model from code, you can get the design right before investing time in coding. Test and adjust your UI concepts inside the HMI simulation without having to write code or recompile.


  • Illustrated state charts, compound states, and diagrams help control large-scale projects.
  • Manage versions and variants sharing common HMI components in between.
  • See on the screen of your Windows PC how the HMI will look later on the target platform.
  • Easily model your HMI behavior with a UML state machine.
  • Develop HMI behavior and view layout independently from each other within the same tool.
  • Create your HMI by modelling it in a graphical way instead of coding it.
  • Start modeling immediately by reusing existing templates.
  • Create and reuse own widget sets and components to save development time.


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