EB x100 hardware series

The x100 hardware series includes EB 6100 for in-car use, EB 2100 for desktop use, and the modular slot card EB 5100. The hardware components come with a 400 MHz microcontroller that executes on an eCOS real-time operating system (RT-OS). User-specific code can be executed easily. While EB 6100 and EB 2100 are statically preconfigured with multiple interfaces, EB 5100 can be equipped with up to five transceiver modules, depending on the needs of the project.

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EB x100 Series at a Glance


EB 6100

Rugged FlexRay, CAN, and LIN bus interface hardware.



EB 2100

Cost-efficient FlexRay, CAN, and LIN bus interface hardware for desktop use.



EB 5100

FlexRay, CAN, and LIN interface hardware that complies with the PMC card standard for use in PCI/PXI/VME, etc., systems.


Software for the automotive industry