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EB Assist Car Data Recorder (EB Assist CDR)

Measurement technology simplifies test drives

Driver assistance technology is increasingly complex, necessitating more and more frequent test drives. These tests can be time consuming and costly, requiring many repetitions of an often tedious task.

EB Assist Car Data Recorder addresses the needs of test drivers looking for an innovative and cost-effective measurement tool. Our solution is based on EB Assist ADTF and offers an iPad application with an intuitive interface to make test drive recording easier and quicker.


From test to demonstration

EB Assist Car Data Recorder can be used during test drive recordings or during live test-result presentations to internal management or customers. Customize the user interface to visualize data the way you want and need.

Minimizes evaluation and data errors

The tablet interface displays test drive results and helps you visualize them. You can identify errors or problems with the test and data during the test drive recording, then correct them on the spot instead of discovering them later, back in the lab.

Reduces cumbersome cables and wires

EB Assist Car Data Recorder transmits data to the tablet device with a wireless connection, for faster installation, less distractions for the driver, and easier access for the technician.


Key features

  • Measurement tool based on the driver assistance development environment EB Assist ADTF
  • Customizable visual interface
  • Support for various vehicle busses such as CAN, FlexRay, and Ethernet, as well as other hardware devices
  • Simultaneous observation of multiple functions
  • Easy data exchanges between EB Assist ADTF-based test cars and development systems
  • Extensibility, with add-ons such as 3D scenario display, signal compression, and multi-tablet support



Introduction video: EB Assist Car Data Recorder (English version)


Introduction video: EB Assist Car Data Recorder (German version)



Intuitive user interface on a tablet device

EB Assist Car Data Recorder functionality


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EB Assist Visor

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