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EB robinos Road Fusion

Accurate perception of the road through sensor data fusion

A road and its characteristics can be perceived by various sensor applications, for instance through lane marking detection, other vehicles, guard rails and of precise map data. EB robinos Road Fusion combines all these different information sources to derive one consistent description of the road. By fusing different data, EB robinos Road Fusion improves the view of the vehicle’s surroundings in situations where one sensor alone cannot handle a given scenario.

EB robinos Road Fusion


Creates road information based on sensor data fusion

EB robinos Road Fusion provides road hypotheses and fusion algorithms in order to merge multiple sensor data streams. This way, the characteristics of a road can be described even if the lane markings are missing or erroneous. Thereby, a consistent view of the vehicle’s environment is provided.

Enables different applications for mass production

EB robinos Road Fusion serves automated driving applications, which include highway driving or inner-city driving, by enabling a highly precise perception of the environment.

Optimizes software re-use

EB robinos Road Fusion is part of EB robinos, which is an application-layer architecture with open interfaces for automated driving. EB robinos Road Fusion is part of a range of EB robinos software modules for different functionalities. The defined interfaces allow optimized software re-use and the development of brand-specific systems.

Integrates with other systems

EB robinos Road Fusion supports the EB driver assistance development platform, EB Assist ADTF, and a wide range of other driver assistance platforms from various suppliers.


Experience EB robinos Road Fusion within EB Assist ADTF for free:

EB robinos Predictor - connected electronic horizon

Key features

      • Road hypotheses fusion algorithms
      • Multiple sensor data processing
      • Covers lane markings, road descriptions, convoy tracks, and map information
      • Based on EB robinos framework
      • Can be applied to various use cases
      • Adaptable to different vehicle models


EB robinos architecture

EB robinos architecture



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Integration with other EB products and services

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