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EB GUIDE Speech Extension

Speech-enabled human machine interface (HMI) gives customers the control they want while keeping their hands on the wheel. EB GUIDE Speech Extension lets you design innovative speech-enabled HMI while shortening development time.


Better UI by integrating speech functions early

Model and prototype speech interaction from the earliest phases of development, saving time and addressing challenges early.

Ensure good interaction between speech and graphics

Model and build your speech-enabled HMI in parallel with your graphical user interface, to ensure consistent and logical interaction between the two.

Flexibility in technology

EB GUIDE Speech Extension supports a variety of speech recognition and speech synthesis systems.


Key features

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology provides easy-to-use speech control.
  • Connected speech recognition extends the on-board capabilities.
  • Multi-user mode allows simultaneous work by several individuals.
  • Speech dialog simulation enables early testing and debugging.
  • Pack & Go generates a standalone simulation for exchange with other users.
  • Speech dialog model is created on the PC with EB GUIDE Speech Extension and then interpreted by EB GUIDE Speech Target Framework on PC and target.
  • Adapts to various operating systems and platforms like automotive and consumer electronic devices.
  • NEW! Search functionality that allows you to search for all model elements such as Spidgets, Templates, and Talk States.
  • NEW! Preload large data so it is ready when recognition begins. You have control over memory consumption and can ‘unload’ data when you need memory for another function.
  • NEW! Slot Container template that can be used for both Prompt and Datapool slots, as well as new templates for Command and SSML Prompt.
  • NEW! Timeout configuration so you can set user speech input duration in order to adapt model behavior during run time or simulation.


Have a look at an Example of Natural Language Understanding on the road: Elektrobit (EB) and Nuance humanize the new Audi TT.


Connected speech recognition

Our EB GUIDE speech dialog demo with VoicBox technology


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