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EB GUIDE Speech Extension

Today, the combination of cloud connectivity, big data and machine learning has resulted in the rapid development and transformation of speech dialog. It has evolved from command and control-based dialog systems to Natural Language Understanding and cloud technology and is focused on multiple modalities, frameworks and assistants – both cloud and embedded.

Speech-enabled human machine interface (HMI) gives customers the control they want while keeping their hands on the wheel. Voice enables both drivers and passengers, giving them access to information, services and applications they use whether in the car or at work or their homes.

EB GUIDE Speech Extension lets you design innovative speech-enabled HMI while shortening development time. Leverage its easy-to-use interface to design the next-generation of speech within the car – one that employs the power of hybrid speech architecture, combining embedded with various cloud-based technologies.


Better UI by integrating speech functions early

Model and prototype speech interaction from the earliest phases of development, saving time and addressing challenges early.

Personalize your customers‘ in-car experiences

Leverage cloud to deliver the latest content, information and apps. Take advantage of context- and user-based information derived from multiple sources, within the car and outside it, to make informed decisions while delivering experiences that are tailor made to your users.

Ensure good interaction between speech and graphics

Model and build your speech-enabled HMI in parallel with your graphical user interface, to ensure consistent and logical interaction between the two.

Offer a customized branding experience

Integrate easily with your current platforms and systems. Customize your Speech offering so it reflects your brand and the experience you want your customers to have. Offer differing levels of language and functionalities across your variants.

Flexibility in technology

EB GUIDE Speech Extension supports a variety of speech recognition and speech synthesis systems.


Key features

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology provides easy-to-use speech control.
  • Model voice user interfaces, both embedded and cloud based with a single toolchain that comes with an advanced arbitration mechanism
  • Leverage Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology for compelling system responses and natural dialog flow
  • Easily integrate third-party speech frameworks or assistants.
  • Multi-user mode allows simultaneous work by several individuals.
  • Speech dialog simulation enables early testing and debugging.
  • Speech dialog model is created on the PC with EB GUIDE Speech Extension and then interpreted by EB GUIDE Speech Target Framework on PC and target.


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Connected speech recognition

Our EB GUIDE speech dialog demo with VoicBox technology


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