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Infotainment software development

EB provides services to help you develop software to meet your requirements. We can deliver the specific services you need, for all or specific parts of the software development cycle, from specification to maintenance.


Software reuse saves money

One of the major cost drivers in automotive infotainment systems is that of the software development. Because of the expense, software is often a target for cost reduction. The key to saving money without sacrificing quality is reuse. Software reuse actually increases software quality due to the larger scale of systems and the increased test depth, resulting in more test cases and—in the end—better software.

EB designs architecture for high re-usability.

Competent and experienced teams

EB provides competent and experienced teams who can evaluate existing technology as well as develop new technology. EB offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly qualified subcontractors to address your requirements. We are flexible, able to provide support through all project phases, or we can lead the project overall.

We believe in transparency and trust, and offer different business models to assure them.


Software for the automotive industry