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EB is Arm Functional Safety partner
EB joins Arm Functional Safety Partnership Program
After working together successfully for a long time, EB is proud to be part of Arm’s Functional Safety Partnership Program that helps to find the right solutions and services for functional safety (FS) products.

How did EB become a FS partner, you ask?

EB delivers the product. With the EB tresos product line customers get the right FS solution starting from OSEK/VDX-compliant basic software up to multi-core and FS systems based on Classic AUTOSAR.

EB delivers expertise and training. With Elektrobit Consulting, experts support you in setting up your FS project work and strategies and developing next-generation software with FS-specific offers:

Do you want to sample EB's expertise for free? Have a look at our tech paper on Practical experience with safety analyses at the software architectural level.
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EB's data orchestration article in Microsoft's The Record
Dylan Dawson, Business Development Manager, Elektrobit
Microsoft's The Record features how EB Assist Test Lab makes data orchestration easier
How can software developers find the data they need quickly among the terabytes of test drive data collected for testing and validation of automated driving (AD) features?

EB Assist Test Lab's data management platform and the Microsoft Azure cloud offer global teams a quick solution. Through data socialization, the engineers define data needs in a campaign format to the data manager receiving this task and virtually order a test drive to be conducted by the test driver.

Dylan Dawson, Business Development Manager at Elektrobit, elaborates in Microsoft's The Record in detail how optimizing data orchestration liberates the developers to focus on writing algorithms instead of wasting time searching for the right data.
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Automated driving development with EB Assist
Digital data garage for automated driving testing and validation
Do you want to see in detail how it works when you have one toolchain for your automated driving testing and validation?

This case study video shows how EB and Equinix partnered up for the concept of a "digital data garage" to deploy and test collected testing data live on Platform Equinix® before committing to full-scale implementation. This system provides scalability, removes infrastructure redundancy, and allows direct and flexible access to cloud partners like Microsoft Azure.

See the full spectrum of EB Assist products that help you realize automated driving development every step of the way.
Read up on the digital data garage

Webinar: Timing and execution protection on vehicle safety-related software applications
Roman Iseler, Product Manager for Classic AUTOSAR, Elektrobit
Fulfilling functional safety standards while managing timing- and execution-related malfunctions
Software or hardware malfunctions can prevent your system from operating according to required safety standards.

In this free 60-minute webinar, Roman Iseler, Product Manager for Classic AUTOSAR at Elektrobit, presents a blueprint to resolve major pain points to efficiently manage failure supervision and handling while also assuring a safe execution protection with EB tresos Safety TimE protection.
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Webinar recording: From ADAS to HAD: Building trust in automation with location technology, Electronic Horizon, and platform capabilities
Automated driving: more precise decisions, higher consumer trust
Consumer trust is a hot topic when it comes to decisions made by automated driving (AD) technology.

In the webinar recording with experts from HERE Technologies, Elektrobit, and Continental you'll get to know the role of location technology, electronic horizon software, and platform connectivity in advancing AD decisions. With higher precision and reliability comes higher trust by its end user.
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EB at Connected Vehicle 2020 in India
EB at Connected Vehicle 2020 in India
In March, Connected Vehicle 2020 in Bengaluru, India, called for showcases in innovations around the trend of connected vehicles and EB answered.

Our EB team engaged the conference visitors with a booth and demo illustrating software updates over the air, a panel discussion on software-driven innovation for ADAS & autonomous future, and a speech on the evolution of the connected vehicle by Sanjay Dhar, Country Engineering Manager & Head Customer Center at EB in India.

Also, among the 22 papers selected for publication, 10 papers were submitted by EB. One paper was selected among the "Top 3 Paper", and two additional papers scored listings among the “Top 10 Papers".

Are you intrigued about what EB is doing for the groundbreaking trend of connected vehicles?
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