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EB GUIDE 6 Released!

We’re delighted to announce the release of EB GUIDE 6, the newest version of the EB Automotive human machine interface (HMI) development tool. EB GUIDE is well established in the industry and has been leveraged to develop vehicle instrument clusters and infotainment systems that have been installed in millions of cars. And now you can try it for free! We’re offering the free Community Edition of EB GUIDE 6 for noncommercial use, so you can take advantage of EB GUIDE Studio, the ability to simulate your UI on Android devices, and much more. Learn more about this free edition and download it at

Efficient Software Development for Automotive HMI Using Model-Based Development

Software developers can look forward to publication of Enhancement of Visibility, Safety, and HMI of Automotive Displays at the end of the month. This new book, a Japanese-language collection of articles from a variety of experts, focuses on the problems of developing and implementing certain major automotive HMI products, such as heads-up and center displays and cluster meters. In the book, Maki Yoshioka, Sales Manager, Elektrobit Nippon K.K., writes about the difficulties of HMI development and also about a solution: model-based development and EB GUIDE, our all-in-one tool for developing innovative, multimodal HMIs. Take a look at the introduction to the book (in Japanese).

Upcoming Events

Autonomous Cars, Detroit, Michigan

August 24–26

This August 25, Detroit is the place to be to explore the evolving relationship between automakers, marketers, and consumers in our increasingly mobile society. Our director of global marketing, Manuela Papadopol, will join experts from NVIDIA and San Diego State University for a panel discussion: "Marketing in the Age of New Mobility." Listen and learn how new mobility concepts such as autonomous driving and car-sharing impact culture, driving behavior, and automaker marketing. How will automakers adjust? What role might dealerships play?

US FPD 2015 Conference, Santa Clara, California

September 14–15

This multi-session, IHS-hosted conference will examine the balance between consumer value perception and smart manufacturer implementation of innovative display technology—with the goal of exposing obstacles to success. On September 15, EB Automotive’s Walter Sullivan, the head of our Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley, will join experts from IHS and NVIDIA to present Session 11: Automotive Displays and Key Enabling Technologies. The session will discuss the automaker trend of incorporating larger displays into vehicles, as well as how innovators such as Tesla are demonstrating that in-car displays are no longer limited to merely relaying information. Attend to also get an overview of the latest technologies and strategies for success.

GPU Technology Conference Japan 2015, Tokyo, Japan

September 18

Comprising more than 60 presentations, the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is the largest and most important event of the year for graphics processing unit developers.

At the conference, Tomoaki Yagishita, Deputy Technical Manager at Elektrobit Nippon K.K., will showcase examples of established concepts that can be integrated into the automotive infrastructure using well-known approaches such as AUTOSAR or standard diagnostic functions; he’ll also investigate new approaches, such as service-oriented architectures based on automotive Ethernet.

We hope you can make it!

Webinar: How Security Mechanisms Can Protect Cars Against Hackers

September 29

The advent of the connected car renders modern vehicles vulnerable to hackers. As hackers focus on exploiting various security gaps in series cars, the scope of the threat becomes clear: the industry now faces ongoing, increasing attacks. Such attacks can immediately transform a security problem into a safety problem for millions of drivers. In this webinar, EB Automotive security expert Martin Böhner demonstrates mechanisms that secure communication within electronic control units (ECUs) and between the ECUs in a car network. Martin has chosen a practical, real-world use case to illustrate the technical approach.

Other News

Recorded Webinar: How to Create a Consistent Connected Vehicle User Experience with Multimodal HMIs

When it comes to in-vehicle HMIs, automakers face a number of hurdles to creating smooth user experiences across systems and interaction modes. Check out the above-named recent webinar from EB Automotive´s Dominique Massonié to learn about methodologies that enable consistent and holistic user experiences while still optimizing the HMI development process. Also gain insight into the ways model-based development can accelerate your HMI projects using EB GUIDE 6. Watch here.

First Embedded Multi-Core Conference a Success

From June 16 to June 18, participants from leading car manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, and hardware, software, and tool companies from across the globe gathered in Munich to scrutinize current and upcoming challenges to multi-core development.

Numerous insightful talks, workshops, and networking sessions underscored the importance of multi-core for the automotive industry, and the conference provided a platform for joint development of the technology base for the next generation of ADAS and autonomous-driving cars. Strong event attendance and enthusiastic participation made EMCC, co-organized by EB Automotive with its partners Infineon, Timing-Architects, and iSYSTEM, a grand success.

The official event video offers a look back at EMCC 2015, and this article recaps the many multi-core topics discussed.

We’ll update the EMCC website with the date, location, and topics for EMCC 2016 soon, but we’ll also give you the details via this newsletter. We look forward to seeing you at the next EMCC.

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