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Welcome to EB Automotive's monthly newsletter where you will find the latest news and information on our upcoming events, products and company news.



Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-9, 2015

Join Elektrobit (EB) Automotive at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9. Stop by our booth #2107 in the Automotive North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center and see the latest cars on display with EB technology, including Driver Assistance, Navigation, Human Machine Interface and more.   Setup an appointment and meet our sales team at CES. Learn how EB can help with your next project. spacer

Elektrobit (EB) Automotive Provides AUTOSAR Ethernet Solutions for Major OEM

BMW now requires all ECU suppliers to pass a set of Ethernet communication test standards defined in the new Service Pack (SP 2018), which will be valid for all car models starting production in 2018 or later. EB Automotive has developed the Ethernet reference application according to this standard in collaboration with BMW.   The knowledge gained from the BMW Ethernet requirements is now implemented in EB tresos AutoCore. Using EB tresos AutoCore enables ECU suppliers to save time and effort during the project acquisition and pass the functional tests requiring Ethernet for every BMW project.   spacer

Automotive Ethernet Webinar – Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Automobile manufacturers are vying to outdo each other by introducing new functions and systems, from adaptive cruise control and adaptive braking assistants to the electronic horizon and lane departure warning systems. The more systems included in a vehicle network, the more complex the communication between their electronic control units (ECUs) becomes.   Current bus systems for in-vehicle networks have reached their capacity limits and new solutions are needed. Ethernet offers the required high bandwidth for the increasing data transfer within future networks in a car.   Join Elektrobit (EB) Automotive’s Michael Ziehensack for this informative Automotive World webinar. He will address current and future challenges of bringing Ethernet solutions into the next generation of cars.   Register here. spacer

All-Purpose Tool for In-Car User Interfaces

Purpose tool
EB GUIDE, Elektrobit (EB) Automotive’s tool for developing human-machine-interfaces (HMIs), is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. When the first version was introduced in 2004, monochrome displays with low resolutions were common and infotainment functions were very limited.   Now used by major carmakers and suppliers around the world, EB GUIDE, version 5.5 embraces new technological possibilities like 3D graphics, speech technology and apps in the car. Learn more about its capabilities at our 10 years EB GUIDE news page. spacer

Award nomination “Software Innovation of the Year” for EB Assist Car Data Recorder

Testing Tech
Elektrobit (EB) Automotive is proud to announce that EB Assist Car Data Recorder (CDR) was one of four finalists nominated for “Software Innovation of the Year” by Automotive Testing Technology!   The EB Assist Car Data Recorder extends the use of EB Assist ADTF to a touchscreen tablet, which is an industry first. It demonstrates and visually displays test drive data via an intuitive display and logical layout on a tablet. spacer spacer



Our Top 10 Infotainment and HMI Milestones

Lots of cool developments have happened in the infotainment space since the first version of EB GUIDE was introduced in 2004. Let’s take a closer look and identify our Top Ten of Infotainment and HMI milestones.   Read about the first automotive radios, built-in GPS navigation systems, the “In-Car Inventory System” along with much more in two articles in our 10 years EB GUIDE news page.

“Bring Your Kids to Work” Day

Bring Kids to Work
On Wednesday, November 19th, Elektrobit (EB) Automotive held it’s second annual "bring your kids to work" day in Erlangen, Germany.   With a regional holiday in Bavaria, most schools were closed. EB selected this day to give employees the opportunity to bring their children starting at age 5 and older to spend the day at EB. The program included a guided tour through the local "Walderlebniszentrum" (forest activity museum), crafting Christmas presents, a soccer/darts table competition and watching animated films. A total of 53 children participated and they all had an exciting and fun-filled day. It was also a very exciting day for the team of EB employees who organized this event. We’re already looking forward to next year!