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EB GUIDE 6 is here

This week, we released the latest version of the Elektrobit (EB) Human Machine Interface (HMI) development product, EB GUIDE 6. The latest version comes with an updated user interface, a new website, and a host of additional features.

New website

EB GUIDE has a new look—and we thought its web presence deserved a new look, too. We encourage you to visit and explore EB GUIDE 6. From there, you can discover the benefits of EB GUIDE, find documentation, tutorial videos, and other information, and you can download the free Community edition to get started with the new product.

New edition

With this version of EB GUIDE, we offer users the ability to download the tool for free through our Community edition. Users can design models in EB GUIDE Studio and test them on an Android device—all for free and for as long as desired. Try the EB GUIDE Community edition.

New features

EB GUIDE 6 includes a completely revamped user interface, along with branching and merging of models, which enables multiple developers to work on a model at the same time. You can also use the version control system of your choice. And it’s easy to migrate EB GUIDE 5.5 models into the new version.

Same state-of-the-art quality

As always, the latest version of EB GUIDE has been designed and developed to the highest standards and incorporates the latest in graphics, touch, and speech technology. For more than 10 years, our EB GUIDE software has provided a highly reliable and customizable toolchain for the development of multimodal HMIs. We’re proud to continue the tradition with the latest release: EB GUIDE 6.