UX insights 06/2020
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New SDK supporting Raspberry Pi OS – Raspbian
Get a slice of the Raspberry Pi
EB GUIDE now comes with new GTF SDK for Raspberry Pi, one of the most accessible and popular targets for educational purposes and development for embedded systems.

This new SDK gives you the flexibility you need to create and test advanced HMIs while accelerating your development timelines and reducing costs.

Find out how EB GUIDE and Raspberry Pi can give your daily work a boost and contact us to get it for free!
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New EB GUIDE features for complex HMI development
New features to reduce development time
We have enhanced EB GUIDE to make development of your user interfaces easier and faster. Developing large user interfaces has never been so quick and powerful.
We have added a new namespace structure and a new flexible and extensible tag filtering system for easier handling of large amounts of data.

Do only what you need. Need to export one skin and one language of your user interface only? It’s now possible for our updated export function.
New to EB GUIDE? Get access to all our resources directly from our new help section.
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Improved EB GUIDE arware version
Advanced augmented reality solution for safer driving
We have worked hard to make our augmented reality software framework even more accurate than before. Discover for yourself our interactive demo showing real drive data in even higher resolution images.
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But that’s not all, EB GUIDE arware now supports GreenHills Integrity to address more devices.

We have also continued to work with our partner ANSYS to combine ANSYS VRXPERIENCE and Elektrobit EB GUIDE arware to virtually design, assess, and test your augmented reality HUD prototype in real-life driving conditions.

Discover all new EB GUIDE arware features!
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EB/MyScript partnership
Partnering with MyScript for a more enjoyable journey
Safety while driving is a serious concern. Handwriting recognition allows for more accurate inputs with lower distraction. It’s very easy for drivers to use while keeping their eyes on the road.

EB integrated MyScript handwriting technology into EB GUIDE to provide the drivers with the most intuitive way to interact with their vehicles during their drives while still keeping their eyes on the road.

Find out more about the EB/MyScript partnership in a short demo video.
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EB success story with Georg Fischer Piping Systems
Made with EB GUIDE – Georg Fischer Hycleen Automation System
EB GUIDE is not just about automotive solutions! Georg Fischer Piping Systems, a leading supplier of plastic and metal piping systems and components, wanted to offer its customers a sophisticated, automated drinking water installation - one where the "master" system provides a touch-enabled user interface with clear graphical assets and must display crucial data in real time.

Georg Fischer Piping Systems selected EB GUIDE as it offers one unique tool to specify, model, prototype, and simulate. Thanks to its model-based development approach, EB GUIDE enabled Georg Fischer to save time and money during the iterative HMI development process.
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Webinar on reproducible display sparkle measurements
Collaborate and innovate: reproducible display sparkle measurements
Anti-glare layers ensure an optimal user experience in variable lighting environments for outdoor and automotive displays. However, they can also produce perceivable display sparkle.

EB, TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH, and VW joined forces to define a new automotive measurement specification for automotive displays.

Deep dive in the collaboration's significant progress on finding and understanding reproducible measurement conditions for unwanted display sparkle. Watch an elaborate demonstration in our joint webinar.
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