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EB GUIDE June Newsletter

EB GUIDE 6.2 released today!

We’ve just released EB GUIDE 6.2 which includes improvements to our 3D capabilities, the ability to build view transitions, and support for the Korean language in both the user interface and documentation. Learn more.

New video tutorials about widget templates

Our two new video tutorials show you how to work with widget templates in EB GUIDE. With templates, enable inheritance and combine basic widgets to create complex model elements, and build a widget library. Learn how.

Benefits of a holistic design

In our last post, we talked about what constitutes holistic design. But, why bother to invest in holistic design? What are the benefits? Read on to find out.

3D renderer improvements in EB GUIDE 6.2

The display of interactive 3D content on HMIs is becoming increasingly important. It contributes to an immersive user experience, and conveys a sense of quality and luxuriousness in comparison to pure 2D HMIs. But despite the superior visual experience 3D content offers, user interaction with 3D elements can be difficult at times. Read more.