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EB GUIDE October Newsletter

EB GUIDE 6.3 is coming soon

EB GUIDE 6.3 is now available for download. Our latest version of EB GUIDE offers Harfbuzz integration to provide text shaping, the process of converting Unicode to glyphs in support of languages such as Korean and Arabic. EB GUIDE 6.3 also provides support for FBX files and extended translation support via import/export of files for translation. You’ll find UI improvements and even better text handling performance. Learn about the latest release.

Announcing the University partner program

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is well known for its hands-on project, eCARus, in which 60 students each session work on improving the design of an eCARus electric car. The eCARus program is student-led, with the participants organizing the project and handling development of all technical aspects from power transmission to IT.

Elektrobit is pleased to again sponsor eCARus. Since 2013, students have used EB GUIDE to develop the eCARus HMIs. One of their latest achievements is the development of the eCARus-GUI, in which they used EB GUIDE to implement new features, like in-vehicle display of the battery level, warning lights, the handbrake state, and other information. Read more about eCARus.

Driver-Centered User Experience

Cars continue to have a growing number of complex systems. Enhancing the user experience despite all that complexity marks a milestone on the way to smart cars with their smart usability. In this article, EB notes important preconditions and possible approaches for making the car a personal assistant to the user, including offering a user experience which is centered around the driver and handling privacy issues. Read more.

Develop speech dialogs with EB GUIDE

Learn from the basic EB GUIDE 6 concepts up to advanced topics through individual exercises and hands-on workshops in our trainings at EB in Erlangen or on-site in individually organized trainings. Read more.