Read the latest news about EB GUIDE: an HMI development tool

EB Tech Day is coming

EB Tech Day is December 3rd at the Westin Southfield Detroit. Join us for a presentation introducing EB GUIDE 6 and a workshop covering how to use EB GUIDE to model and simulate a speech-enabled UI. Learn more and register for EB Tech Day.

Can’t make the event? Take a look at the latest content added to our website for details about using EB GUIDE.

What does an integrated HMI look like?

The ambulance screams down the road, siren wailing. Cars, cyclists, and pedestrians hurry to get out of its way. Inside, the navigation system gives the driver turn-by-turn directions for the fastest route to the hospital. Behind him, an EMT works on the patient, using a hands-free system to communicate with the doctor at a nearby hospital. These and other human machine interfaces can be designed to improve and even save lives. Read more.

Running your model on a target devices

You probably already know that EB GUIDE’s model-based development lets you create user interfaces for devices. But you may be wondering how EB GUIDE runs your model on a target device and how your interface uses data and events from the device or other third-party devices such as sensors. Read on to learn how.

Why choose model-based development?

Most of our new customers have been developing human machine interfaces (HMIs) for years and doing it the hard way: writing code from scratch. The idea of model-based HMI development is new to them. Before investing in the approach, they want to understand the benefits. So we thought we’d share some of the common scenarios we see and how EB GUIDE helps address them.