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EB GUIDE September Newsletter

EB GUIDE 6.3 is coming soon

EB GUIDE 6.3 is coming soon!

The next version of EB GUIDE is on its way. Expect improvements in 3D, copy & paste, and text rendering. Stay tuned!

Announcing the University partner program

The field of human machine interface development keeps growing. So we’ve partnered with selected universities and educational institutions to make EB GUIDE available for students and educators. See our partners.

EB GUIDE human-robot interface

Created by a student using an extension for EB GUIDE, this interface lets a human operator use simple speech commands to interact with a robot – and lets the robot respond with realistic gestures and speech. Learn more.

Develop speech dialogs with EB GUIDE

Learn from the basic EB GUIDE 6 concepts up to advanced topics through individual exercises and hands-on workshops in our trainings at EB in Erlangen or on-site in individually organized trainings. Read more.

Develop speech dialogs with EB GUIDE

Want to know more about speech dialog modeling, like how it was used to enable talking with the robot, Nao? See our new video and text tutorials. Go there now.

HMI evolution: technical paper

As cars become ever more automated, the requirements for user interfaces are changing dramatically. Find out the direction of HMI’s continuing evolution, particularly in automobiles. Download now.

Develop speech dialogs with EB GUIDE

We have a new "cheat sheet" to help you start with EB GUIDE’s built-in scripting language! These reference cards feature descriptions and syntax examples to help you quickly accomplish typical tasks. Download in English, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.