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Looping Instead of Cascading

Issue 16 of Porsche Consulting magazine highlights Elektrobit (EB) Automotive’s pioneering use of lean development and how it results in new functions for cars, not to mention impressively short takt times. The article “Looping Instead of Cascading” also calls out the synchronized EB Automotive sales team for constantly listening to customers and thereby completing the circle. Download the article here.

Recorded Webinar—Electronic Horizon: One Step Closer to Automated Driving

Already indispensable for predictive driver-assistance features, the electronic horizon is soon to become the foundation of automated driving. To learn more about this integral relationship, check out this recent webinar from EB Automotive's Juergen Ludwig. Our Senior Project Manager, Driver Assistance, demonstrates the individual ADASISv2-based components that make up the electronic horizon and explains why they can help bring automakers one step closer to automated driving.

Automotive IT News Shines Spotlight on EB GUIDE 6

Online automotive current-events hub Automotive IT News recently reported on the beneficial impact that EB GUIDE 6, the new enhanced version of EB Automotive's popular human-machine interface (HMI) toolkit, EB GUIDE can have on infotainment interfaces and autonomous driving. Read the article to discover how the innovative EB GUIDE 6 embraces industry changes to lead the way both on the drawing board and on the road.

Upcoming Events

Automated Vehicles Symposium 2015, Ann Arbor, MI

July 21-23

EB Automotive is attending the Automated Vehicles Symposium 2015. The symposium gathers experts and industry professionals from around the world to tackle roadblocks to automated driving. Each day begins with informative plenary sessions packed with distinguished guests; focused breakout sessions commence after lunch; and ancillary meetings offer further opportunity to learn and interact.

Autonomous Cars 2015, Detroit, MI

August 24–26

Join experts from EB Automotive’s Director of Global Marketing, NVIDIA, and San Diego State University this August 25 for a pointed panel discussion: “Marketing in the Age of New Mobility.” EB Automotive’s Director of Global Marketing, Manuela Papadopol, will co-lead a discussion of how new mobility concepts such as autonomous driving and car-sharing impact culture, driving behavior, and, especially, automaker marketing. How will increasing mobility force automakers to adjust tactics? How might dealership service models extend automaker marketing reach?

Could dealerships become the Genius Bars (à la Apple) for automakers, and help customers master the new levels of automation in their cars?

Elektrobit Automotive to Sponsor Gate4SPICE Event, Erlangen, Germany

October 7

At EB Automotive, quality is paramount, and we continually strive to enhance the quality of everything we do. To encourage that same goal across the SPICE community and to foster discussion with automakers, regarding ways to improve quality and to ensure an ongoing exchange of ideas, as well as optimal training, we are hosting “Process vs. Product Quality - Improvement and Control Through Verification Criteria.”

We hope you can join us in Erlangen for an enlightening exploration of verification criteria and related concepts in the context of automotive projects. Contact Christian Bayer for further information.

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