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Elektrobit Unveils EB robinos

Elektrobit Unveils EB robinos

EB robinos is the first comprehensive, hardware-agnostic software solution for highly-automated driving systems enabling carmakers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers to develop and bring to market highly automated driving (HAD) systems. EB robinos consists of a functional software architecture with open interfaces, and software components from development to volume production. EB robinos controls and manages the increasing complexity of HAD systems. Carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers can shift their focus from architecture efforts to differentiation.

Read the press release and learn more about EB robinos available now.

Try EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF

Try EB robinos for EB Assist ADTF – for Free!

This free download lets you experience EB robinos in EB Assist ADTF, the development and testing environment for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving. Download the free trial version to take advantage of a range of modules from the EB robinos software architecture implemented as a filter for EB Assist ADTF; visualized data and detailed monitoring of system behavior; ready-to-use sample configurations; recorded sensor information; and more.

Get your free download today.

Open Robinos Specification

Download the Open Robinos Specification

We’ve intentionally made the open robinos specification part of EB robinos, our comprehensive new software solution for automated driving, and we invite carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers, and partners everywhere to download the specification for free and give feedback to help us create an optimal open reference software architecture for automated driving.

The open robinos specification offers insight into the inner workings of EB robinos. It describes architecture and interfaces, as well as defines software modules, interfaces, and control mechanisms. Download it now.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions for improving the open robinos specification. Contact us for more information!

TechPaper: Robot Architectures

TechPaper: Robot Architectures – DNA for Automated Driving

This comprehensive TechPaper from EB experts Björn Giesler and Michael Reichel looks at robot architectures in combination with AUTOSAR as a way to integrate and automate driver-assistance functions and reduce overall system complexity.

Read the article in English or German.

VDI Blog: How to Develop a Self-Driving Vehicle

VDI Blog: How to Develop a Self-Driving Vehicle

In this interview, Björn Giesler, Head of Driver Assistance at EB, answers questions like: Who are the key players in the HAD development process? What is the time frame for development? What basics and fundamentals need to be considered? Björn also explores the role of the “driver” in a world of fully automated vehicles.

Read the interview (German only).


EB robinos – DNA for Automated Driving

EB robinos – DNA for Automated Driving

July 26

The complexity of highly automated driving (HAD) systems is a challenge to the industry. EB robinos is a comprehensive solution that helps overcome this challenge by controlling and managing the complexity professionally. With a functional software architecture, open interfaces and software components – from development to volume production - EB robinos provides an integrated approach. Join this free 60-minute webinar presented by EB to learn more about EB robinos and its use cases. EB's Jürgen Ludwig will outline how EB robinos is used in EB Assist ADTF and how it optimizes development and use of HAD technology.

Other News

Navigation Data Standard Consortium

EB Manager to Chair Technical Committee for Navigation Data Standard Consortium

We are proud to announce that Georg Horn (Product Manager, Navigation Solutions) has been elected chairman of the Technical Committee at the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) consortium. As leader of the committee, Georg will oversee development of the NDS standard, a benchmark for a world speeding toward highly automated driving.

The NDS is a registered association of carmakers, developers, map and service providers whose goal is to provide a worldwide automotive-grade map standard. As a longtime association member, EB has actively promoted NDS standardization in market-driven solutions.

Open Auto Drive Forum

4th Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF)

EB sponsored the 4th OADF in San Jose, California, June 29. The goal at this particular summit was to assemble fellow NDS members and nonmembers alike—carmakers, Tier 1 suppliers, and Silicon Valley tech companies—to promote cross-industry adoption of automated driving, as well as the map technology that is its foundation. Topics discussed included: reference architecture, the necessity for highly reliable maps, the OADF roadmap, and global collaboration. The minutes from the meeting will be available to attendees at; read them for a recap of how EB is leading the discussion of highly reliable maps.

Mark your calendars: the 5th OADF will take place in Beijing this October.

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