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Functional Safety & Multicore Presentation by Dr. Alexander Mattausch

With the ever increasing performance demands on today’s safety ECU’s, single core environments reach their limits rapidly. On July 16th, Elektrobit's Functional Safety Expert, Dr. Alexander Mattausch presents a thought-provoking presentation for achieving safety critical applications in multi-core environments. For any questions you have around this challenging topic, please contact us.


New Branch Office in Japan

Elektrobit (EB), the recognized market leader in automotive software and engineering announced it has expanded its operations in Japan and opened a new branch office in Nagoya on July 8th to support the growing demand in the Japanese market. Leading the new team is Kenichi Horibe, Nagoya Branch Office Manager, his team will be focusing on providing engineering services to EB ‘s customers in the region.   Interested in working at Elektrobit in Japan? We are currently hiring software engineers and sales staff for the western and middle regions of the country. For more information please contact us at info-jp@elektrobit.com.

Dialog between Cars and their Drivers via the Cloud

Dialog between cars and their drivers via the cloud
In the latest issue of the German magazine ATZ and the international magazine ATZ electronic worldwide, Dr. Dominique Massonié and Dr. Timo Sowa from Elektrobit point out the latest speech dialog trends in the car. The authors comment in particular on dialog and speech recognition systems which reflect natural language patterns and the outsourcing of speech recognition services to the cloud, as well as the incorporation of smartphones. spacer


EB Assist Car Data Recorder – Customer and Management Demonstration Use Case

EB Assist Car Data Recorder, the innovative measurement tool was also developed for comprehensive visual demonstrations showing test drive recording results to customers and management.   Test drivers and engineers benefit from:
  • Clear and comprehensive visualization for customer and internal presentations
  • Diverse presentation settings and multiple pages
  • Change of algorithm behavior on-the-fly
Watch the video.