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EB GUIDE 6.2 Coming Soon!

EB GUIDE 6.2 Coming Soon!

On June 7 we’ll unveil version 6.2 of EB GUIDE, our well-established, end-to-end human machine interface (HMI) development platform. EB GUIDE 6.2 has improved 3D capabilities, a new view transition animation feature, and a Korean user interface and documentation to go along with the already-available Chinese, Japanese, and English versions. Download the free Community Edition at to try it out!

Game-Changer Connectivity

Game-Changer Connectivity

EB’s new solution for remote diagnostics is coming this June 7. EB cadian, our latest tool, will elevate diagnostics to the next level while at the same time leveraging predictive maintenance to enhance overall vehicle design. Stay tuned to learn about the features and how you can benefit from predictive maintenance.

New EB TechPaper

New EB TechPaper: Secure Automotive Ethernet for Automated Driving

Our new TechPaper outlines unique multi-level security architecture to protect automotive Ethernet networks against malicious hacker attacks—a key protection that enables automated driving. Learn how restricted network access, secure onboard communication, data usage policies, detection and defense combine to create a dependable and secure network.


DNA for Autonomous Driving

"DNA for Autonomous Driving" Presented at 2nd International ATZ Conference, Frankfurt, Germany

April 13 – 14

This year’s ATZ Conference focused on the obstacles to making the leap from assisted driving to automated driving. In his presentation, Björn Giesler, EB’s Head of Driver Assistance, showed how robot architecture can map to AUTOSAR as well as to current ideas, such as over the air updating, cloud computing, and functional safety. He concludes that complexity, rather than difficulty, is the main obstacle.

Tech Day

Tech Day, North America, Plymouth, Michigan

June 7

The next EB Tech Day is nearly here, and you’re invited. Join us to discuss the latest developments in driver assistance, connected car solutions, human machine interfaces, functional safety, security, software integration, and more, in a day packed full of presentations and workshops.

You can choose to spend the whole day—or only an hour or two—getting the information you need at Tech Day. To learn all about the activities at this one-day event, please view the full Tech Day agenda. Seating is limited. We encourage you to register early.

Automobil Elektronik Kongress

Automobil Elektronik Kongress, Ludwigsburg, Germany

June 14 – 15

At the 20th International Congress on Advances in Automotive Electronics, decision-makers in automotive electronics will convene to discuss five core themes: connected car, automated driving, electro-mobility, infotainment/connectivity, and architectures. Visit us at booth #30 for the opportunity to meet top-level EB management and to learn more about our brand-new tool, EB cadian, an innovative remote-diagnostics solution that gives real-time insights from the road—after a vehicle has left the production plant.

2016 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

2016 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Gothenburg, Sweden

June 19 – 22

The Intelligent Vehicles Symposium is a premier forum sponsored by the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS). Researchers, engineers, practitioners, and students from industry, academia, and government agencies are invited to present their latest work and to discuss research and applications for intelligent vehicles and vehicle-infrastructure cooperation.

On June 19, EB´s Sebastian Ohl, Senior Expert, Driver Assistance, has been invited to present “Developing Software Architectures for Autonomous Vehicles” as part of a workshop exploring holistic interfaces for environmental fusion models.

Car HMI Europe 2016

Car HMI Europe 2016, Berlin, Germany

June 20 – 21

For years, Car HMI conferences have united HMI and user-experience professionals and stakeholders for networking and knowledge exchange. Key themes to be covered in Berlin include vehicle automation and changing HMI requirements; driver distraction; traffic safety; and future interaction concepts.

We hope you’ll visit the experts at our booth, and that you can join our Matthias Hampel, Head of Technology and Innovation, HMI, when he presents "Driver-Centered User Experience," a look into how driver characteristics can help define design.

Embedded Multi-Core Conference 2016

Get Your Ticket for Embedded Multi-Core Conference 2016, Munich, Germany

June 28 – 30

EMCC 2016, the second multi-core conference organized by partner companies Elektrobit, Infineon, Timing-Architects, and iSYSTEM, is only a month away, and we want you onboard. Join us as we delve into multi-core development and best practices in sessions presented by renowned experts, including:

  • Stefan Rathgeber, new AUTOSAR spokesperson and Head of AUTOSAR Center, Continental Automotive GmbH ("AUTOSAR Meets New Use Cases – The Adaptive Platform")
  • Dr. Moritz Neukirchner, Expert Car Infrastructure Software, Elektrobit GmbH ("Efficient Communication and Synchronization in Multi-Core Systems")
  • Joachim Langenwalter, Director of Automotive Software, NVIDIA GmbH ("Self-Driving Car Super Computer")
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Tränkle, Automotive Systems Engineering, Hans-Leo Ross, and Dr. Stefan Schwarzkopf, Automotive Systems Engineering, Hochschule Heilbronn ("Safety Concepts for Road Vehicles with System Controllers")

IT Security for Vehicles Conference

IT Security for Vehicles Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany

June 29 – 30

On day two of the conference, EB’s Head of Technology and Innovation, Connected Car, Rainer Holve, has the honor of delivering “Anonymity and Security in a Scalable Cloud Environment.” Topics of discussion include services to ensure anonymity, the effects of DevOps on software quality and security, and how to secure the cloud IT campus.

ConCarExpo 2016

ConCarExpo 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany

June 29 – 30

As the networked vehicle shifts from industry trend to industry megatrend, the benefit of a neutral platform on which automotive manufacturers and suppliers can exchange ideas grows. The Association of German Engineers has organized just such a platform for the automotive revolution: ConCarExpo.

Please visit us at booth E.22 to experience our latest software solutions for the connected car and automated driving. We’ll showcase our configurable remote diagnostic solution, as well as present a new, pioneering approach to highly automated driving. And please also join us as we present "Robot Architectures for Highly Automated Driving" on Wednesday, June 29, at 15:30.

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