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Elektrobit (EB) to Develop Augmented Reality Software as a Standalone Company within Continental

On October 14, during the Electronics in Vehicles congress in Baden-Baden, Germany, Continental and Elektrobit (EB) announced that EB will build the AR Creator software suite that will foster the creation of augmented reality solutions to improve the driver experience. On this occasion Helmut Matschi, member of the Executive Board of Continental and head of the Interior Division, and Alexander Kocher, president and managing director at Elektrobit, underlined the role of Elektrobit as a standalone software company within Continental.

Q: Mr. Matschi, what was announced in Baden-Baden?
We emphasized, once again, Continental’s commitment to consolidate EB as a standalone company within our organization. EB will work closely with Continental on selected projects, and continue to develop and sell embedded software and services to carmakers and tier 1 suppliers.

A perfect illustration of the future cooperation model between EB and Continental is the AR Creator project. Thanks to its know-how, EB will take over responsibility for software development and productization for a partial component within Continental’s Augmented Reality Heads-up display, the AR Creator. The AR Creator is the sensor data fusion software for Augmented Reality Heads-up Displays that is customizable with regard to customers’ requirements. The AR Creator will be developed independently and offered as a separate product by EB to carmakers and tier 1 suppliers.

Q: Why is this business model exceptional?
EB remains a standalone company within Continental, but when it comes to the development of reusable and generic software, EB will continue to develop and sell embedded software and services to carmakers and tier 1 suppliers, independent from Continental hardware.

Q: Mr. Kocher, what do you consider to be the main consequences for the industry?
The consolidation of EB as a standalone company within Continental underlines the growing role of software in the automotive industry. Future trends like automated driving and the connected car, as well as the rising complexity and demand for safety, require increased investment in software know-how and skilled people. But software companies are based on a completely different business model. Continental has recognized these trends and consolidated EB as a standalone company within its organization, in order to leverage the existing strengths and innovation potential.

Q: And what will be the main benefits for drivers?
The AR Creator will help drivers to intuitively recognize the significance of what they see in front of them. It will make an essential contribution to safer road traffic. AR Creator will consist of a wide range of software features, like highly precise positioning, environmental modelling and prediction, augmentation of navigation data, marking of lanes and many more. The AR-Creator augments the scene, when necessary, and will draw the attention of the driver to potential risks.

Human Machine Interfaces: Saving Lives

In daily life we are increasingly surrounded by human machine interfaces (HMIs) which we do not always consciously perceive but which silently improve our lives—or even save lives. Read the EB GUIDE blog to learn how HMIs combined with sensors, cloud data, and advanced communication systems are mitigating medical emergencies right now.

EB tresos Evaluation License for NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX

EB, NVIDIA and Infineon recently announced their new collaboration to deliver a first-of-its-kind automated driving platform. Do you already have the NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX hardware? Then don´t wait to get your free EB tresos evaluation license tailored to NVIDIA’S ADAS development platform. The solution consists of EB’s AUTOSAR Basic Software, Software Components (SWCs), and Functional Safety solutions spread across the DRIVE PX Tegra processors and Aurix microcontrollers.

Click here to learn more and request your evaluation package.


New EB TechPaper: ADAS—Contributor as Well as Beneficiary of Cloud-Enriched Street Map Data

If you’re curious about the functions and features of integrated map and sensor data applications in today’s driver assistance systems, and you wonder what makes them tick, this TechPaper is for you. EB experts Björn Giesler, Peter Kunath, Thomas Halva Labella, and Michael Reichel discuss the timeliness, usefulness, and reliability of data; related safety issues; and more in this informative analysis.

New Video: ADAS—Contributor and Beneficiary of Cloud-Enriched Map Data

Highly accurate map data is a cornerstone of automated driving. But exactly what does that mean, and how will self-driving cars benefit from map features and ADAS? How will ADAS, in turn, benefit from them?

Get a quick overview and explore EB´s solution for getting one step closer to automated driving.

New EB TechPaper: Master the AUTOSAR Architecture with Open Development Tools

Future on-board networks will include more and more powerful control units that perform several functions within a vehicle domain—so-called domain controllers. This poses the challenge of mastering the AUTOSAR architecture of highly complex systems.

Our TechPaper explains how a harmonized open toolchain provides the needed mechanisms and allows efficient and independent work based on project requirements across various project stakeholders. It also points out why open tools enable optimal and optimized integration of the ever-increasing volume of software, and reduce complexity. Learn more.

New EB TechPaper: The Safe State

Want to learn which mechanisms and architectures are needed for reliable system behavior in the event of a software failure? Then read our new EB TechPaper, “The Safe State,” by Functional Safety experts Rudolf Grave and Alexander Much, who highlight basic error detection and correction concepts and explain solutions in software architecture in an AUTOSAR environment.

Upcoming Events

Third Elektrobit Tech Day, Southfield, Michigan

December 3

Join us at the Westin Southfield Detroit for the third North American Tech Day, a day-long event we’ve designed with automotive software engineers and engineering managers in mind.

Come learn from experts in driver assistance, connected car solutions, HMIs, AUTOSAR, Functional Safety, security, software integration, and more. Sit in on in-depth sessions and get answers from those who know.

Tech Day will also include two workshops that explain the mechanics and benefits of EB products and solutions, and info-packed demos of the latest EB products and innovations will be offered. Have a look at the agenda.

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