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Building smarter cars with artificial intelligence (AI)

State-of-the-art automotive deep learning technologies
State-of-the-art automotive deep learning technologies
Deep learning and AI approaches have increasingly advanced the development of self-driving vehicle technology in the last decade.

The prestigious Journal of Field Robotics recently published our scientific article "A survey of deep learning techniques for autonomous driving" by EB's AI experts in cooperation with the Robotics, Vision and Control Laboratory (ROVIS Lab) at Transilvania University of Brasov. The AI team discussed AI-based self-driving architectures, convolutional and recurrent neural networks as well as the deep reinforcement learning paradigm.

The focus of EB's investigation was a modular perception-planning-action pipeline built using deep learning methods as well as end-to-end systems directly mapping sensory information to steering commands. were the focus of EB's investigation.

Access the scientific article here.

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Validation of AI algorithms in the automotive sector
Berlin, Germany

December 11, 2019

1:45 p.m.
Validation of AI algorithms in the automotive sector

The international VDI conference "Future of AI in Automotive" is returning for its 2nd edition and will be discussing AI topics like human-like intuition & human-centered autonomy, and regulations and ethical codes for building trust in automotive AI.

On the topic of simulation, testing, & validation of AI, EB's Director of Business Development Software Platform & Automated Driving, Stefan Pruisken, will demonstrate in a speech how EB Assist Test Lab's cloud-based toolchain handles petabytes of driving scene data and allows the validation of AI algorithms.

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Holistic AI management systems for future mobility
Holistic AI management systems for future mobility

AI provides some hidden potential for future mobility and automated driving. International experts and practitioners came together at Wonderland AI Summit on November 8 in Belgrade, Serbia to present the best tools, methods, and practices for AI, helping companies to understand how important it is to invest in AI and what kind of value it can give in return, especially when it comes to future mobility and automated driving.

EB’s Head of Partner Management DACH, Dr. Nicole Beringer, gave a keynote speech on how neural networks and AI Inference Engines form the automotive software development and what we are working on to make future mobility a reality.

Access the keynote speech
Exchanging expert knowledge – EB webinars

Smooth communication of AUTOSAR-based software systems
December 5, 2019

10 a.m. (Detroit) |

4 p.m. (Berlin) |

8:30 p.m. (New Delhi) |

11 p.m. (Beijing) |

12 p.m. (Tokyo)
Flawless integration of AUTOSAR-based software systems

Save valuable time in your daily challenges with integrating BSW.
Automotive systems are increasingly software-complex and integrating the application software layer with the basic software (BSW) takes considerable time and is error-prone. A number of tools do exist helping with this integration process, though not all of them offer smooth interoperability.

In this joint webinar, EB's Dennis Drees and Dassault Systèmes' Michael Seibt will present how two tools with full AUTOSAR compatibility can conduct data exchange seamlessly. By using the examples of EB tresos Studio and AUTOSAR Builder, the webinar demonstrates how each tool offers dedicated and aligned validation profiles and gives the user additional early feedback, which minimizes iterations.

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Anytime and anywhere – software know-how on demand
Anytime and anywhere – software know-how on demand

You couldn’t make it to our partner webinars with Microsoft, Amazon, and Arm? No problem – we have the recordings available for you, including Q&A sessions:

Made for you – EB product news

EB Assist ADTF 3.6.2 now available
EB Assist ADTF 3.6.2 now available

EB Assist ADTF (Automotive Data and Time-triggered Framework) is now available in the version 3.6.2.!

Leading manufacturers and suppliers around the globe rely on our tool for the development, validation, visualization, and test of driver assistance and automated driving features.

Highlights of the release include major usability and API updates as well extended support for various platforms.

Watch out: We also just released the newest version of our calibration, device, and display toolboxes for EB Assist ADTF, further extending its feature set!

Read the latest release notes

Advanced augmented reality HUD with EB GUIDE arware
Advanced augmented reality HUD with EB GUIDE arware

EB GUIDE arware is a toolkit that enables the creation of augmented reality (AR) solutions for exceptional head-up displays (HUDs).

Securing driver safety and trust, the toolkit allows you to complete augmented reality projects on your own. You will experience a new, more user-friendly external API and improved configuration capabilities. Together with a more precise positioning core, creating an intuitive AR HMI becomes even easier.

Take a minute and discover all new EB GUIDE arware features!

Benefit also from the free interactive demo that lets you develop your own AR, based on real test data in higher resolution images.

Download your free EB GUIDE aware interactive demo.

EB and ANSYS joint innovation for virtual driving experiences
EB and ANSYS joint innovation for virtual driving experiences

Augmented reality is the latest "must-have" for extraordinary head-up displays. But are there other technologies which increase driver safety, build driver trust in the vehicle, and improve the overall driver experience?

EB and ANSYS, one of the industry’s most reputable pioneers in augmented reality for HUDs, are convinced and recently joined forces to combine ANSYS VRXPERIENCE with EB GUIDE arware. The result is a successful end-to-end simulation toolchain, from virtual prototyping to UI/UX.

Visitors of the EB Tech Day Japan got an exclusive first look at the new AR HUD virtual test, and how it can be used to significantly improve the user experience and to examine different models and scenarios early on in the design process while respecting time and budgetary restraints.

Learn more about our partnership!

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